Muhammadiyah and Mass Vaccination in Kota Jayapura, Papua – Muhammadiyah through Mass Vaccination which is a form of collaboration between the Public Health Supervisory Council (MPKU) PP Muhammadiyah and USAID to promote vaccination in Kota Jayapura, Papua.

In a press release received by muhammadiyah.or.di on Friday (3/6), a Deputy Chairman of MPKU PP Muhammadiyah, dr. Esti M Rachmi explained that the vaccination activity during this period was intended to strengthen generations and citizens.

In addition, this is an extension of the response that has been implemented by Muhammadiyah, so that Muhammadiyah is far ahead and ready to deal with Covid-19. As stated by him, the prevention of COVID-19 through vaccination conducted by Muhammadiyah is a wise step to give birth and strengthen a tough generation.

“Muhammadiyah’s mass Covid-19 vaccination for all today is a small part of Muhammadiyah’s humanitarian struggle, it is also a form of Muhammadiyah Shi’ar [greatness) in an effort to support the Indonesian government in improving health after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Esti.

He explained that the benefits of vaccination that are received by the wider community are not only felt at this time, but also in the long term. Representing MPKU PP Muhammadiyah, dr. Esti expressed her gratitude for the enthusiasm of the people of Kota Jayapura  and the big family of Muhammadiyah in Kota Jayapura in organizing this mass vaccination.

“The Regional Head of Muhammadiyah Kota Jayapura along with other Muhammadiyah organizations and charities, especially the Muhammadiyah Jayapura High School and the Papua Provincial Health Office, we say thank you,” concluded Esty.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Youth Regional Leadership (PDPM) Kota Jayapura, Zainuddin Kalla reported that the Mentari Covid Vaccine (MCV) program in Kota Jayapura had been implemented in two stages and ended on Saturday (28/5/2022) located at SMA Muhammadiyah Jayapura.

“For the opening of the Muhammadiyah mass vaccination, the targets are Muhammadiyah sympathizers and cadres, as well as people in the city of Jayapura, especially the Abepura area,” said Zainuddin.

He hopes that the vaccination activities carried out by MPKU PP Muhammadiyah in collaboration with USAID in Kota Jayapura will continue. Zainuddin said the upcoming vaccination activities would target the elderly and the general public.

“On behalf of the Muhammadiyah Youth Regional Leadership, we would like to thank MPKU PP Muhammadiyah, USAID, Papua Provincial Health Office, Kota Jayapura Government, Jayapura Muhammadiyah High School and all parties who have supported this activity,” he added.

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