MSME Savings Stimulant Assistance to 1,000 Papuan Mothers – The Mappi Regional Government (Pemda) distributed MSME savings stimulant assistance in the form of cash to 1,000 Papuan business actors and MSMEs as well as assistance with selling tents for 100 Papuan women who are also business actors and MSMEs in Mappi Regency.

“We are grateful that today 1,000 Papuan women spread across 15 districts have received stimulant assistance, in which the funds will be transferred to the accounts of each beneficiary. We also hope for support from BUMN, BUMD in the form of programs that can improve economic welfare. community. Support for this program is very important to improve economic welfare in Mappi Regency,” said PJ Mappi Regent Michael R. Gomar S.STP, M.Sc, Saturday (3/12/2022).

The distribution of this assistance is intended to improve the wheels of the community’s economy, especially for business actors and MSMEs. Each business actor receives assistance of Rp. 500,000 which will be transferred directly to each beneficiary’s account. The PJ Regent said that the assistance was allocated from the 2022 Revised APBD. This assistance is channeled to help the economy and improve people’s welfare, especially business actors and MSMEs in Papua.

In addition, this can also help local governments to increase economic growth in Mappi Regency. “We have dreams, we have hopes that Mappi Regency must continue to develop,” he said. He explained that it was impossible for the regional government and technical OPD to work alone without help and cooperation and assistance from the community, especially from women who have been helping the government in increasing economic growth in Mappi Regency.

Stimulant assistance to business actors and MSMEs is expected to be used properly and continue to rotate in order to increase small and medium enterprises, small and micro enterprises in the framework of implementing community welfare improvements.

The PJ. Regent said that his party hoped that the businesses of all women could continue to grow and be able to meet household needs well. If the business continued to increase, it would automatically open up job opportunities for other people. “We hope this will be an example for young people in Mappi Regency to become entrepreneurs. In the future the technical OPD will continue to assist business actors and MSMEs in developing their businesses.

We hope that next year this program will continue with funding from the Special Autonomy Fund. Gradually We will also accommodate women who have not received the benefits of stimulant funds this year,” he concluded.

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