MRP of West Papua Supports New Regional Expansion – A chairman of the West Papua MRP, Maxsi Nelson Ahoren, believes that with the expansion of new autonomous regions (DOB), it can produce qualified human resources (HR).

“The more expansions there are, the MRP of West Papua prepares human resources by encouraging affirmations in the areas that are being fought for,” he explained, Wednesday 10 November 2021.

Maxsi explained that with so many proposals for the expansion of new autonomous regions, the regional heads and the MRP have the responsibility to prepare these human resources.

“We will prepare our OAP brothers (indigenous Papuans) to hold certain positions,” said Maxsi.

To prepare human resources, said Maxsi, it needs to be done from the earlier through good education. “The goal is that the sons and daughters of the Papuan generation can occupy important positions in the expanded area,” he explained.

He said the expansion answered all the longings of the people in West Papua.

“Today we must try our best to prepare human resources by means of affirmations,” said Maxsi.

Previously, the MRP of West Papua issued a recommendation for the expansion of 7 new autonomous regions, including Sorong, Maybrat, Tambrauw and several other districts.

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