MRP Conducts a Campaign to Stop Alcohol in Yapen – Members of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) campaigns on the impact of alcohol (alcohol) especially for indigenous Papuans.

The campaign of stopping alcohol will be held at the South Yapen District office on Friday, March 26, 2022.

Markus Kajoi, a MRP member of the Religious Working Group, explained that today’s activity invited a number of Lurahs and village heads whose daily tasks are in contact with the community.

“You have to cease the drunk, because the impact of alcohol is detrimental to yourself and others. Many people who consume alcohol lead to criminal acts. Moreover, in Yapen the level of alcohol consumption is still high,” he explained.

He also invited the entire community in Yapen and Papua in general to carry out a campaign without alcohol for the common good and the younger generation in the future.

Meanwhile, the Head of South Yapen District, Since Wihyawari supports the stop alcohol campaign carried out by the MRP.

“If God is involved in everything, and is supported by the government, of course, stopping alcohol in Yapen can be realized,” he explained.

Present at the event were members of the MRP Working Group on Religion, Markus Kajoi, Robert Wainggai, Stedi Penggu, representatives of the police, village and sub-district heads throughout the South Yapen District.

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