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MPR Praises for the US Embassy’s Attention to Students from Papua & West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Congress [MPR RI], Arsul Sani, joined President Joko Widodo’s entourage to visit the United States for the ASEAN-US Summit. While in the US, Arsul Sani attended halal bi halal with the Indonesian Diaspora living in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas.

Halal bi halal is organized by the IMAAM Center and various Indonesian Diaspora associations. Arsul Sani also met Indonesian citizens working in various industrial and trade sectors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The visit then continued to San Francisco in the state of California. In this visit to three cities of the US, Arsul Sani noted the most prominent things conveyed by Indonesian students.

A number of students expressed their appreciation for the Indonesian Embassy in this case Ambassador Rosan Roeslani and the Education and Culture Attaché (Akdikbud) Prof. Popy Rufaidah for her high attention to Indonesian students, especially those from Papua and West Papua.

The same appreciation was also conveyed by a number of Indonesian students studying in California, Washington and Oregon to the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco, Prasetyo Hadi and his staff are considered to have given extraordinary attention to Indonesian students, including those from Papua and West Papua.

Arsul Sani also admitted that he was touched to hear that the Indonesian diplomatic mission paid great attention to Indonesian children. Diplomats are considered not to forget to remind students that the knowledge and expertise they get in the US must be contributed to the development and progress of Indonesia.

“Moreover, most of the student’s study with LPDP scholarships and various government agencies or Indonesian SOEs,” said Arsul Sani in his statement, Tuesday (17/5/2022)

This particular attention from the Indonesian Embassy and Consulate General towards Indonesian Papuan and West Papuan students in the US was called by Arsul Sani as a good way to prevent them from joining the separatist movement in Papua.

It is hoped that the touches of nationality and humanity given to them will grow the soul of their NKRI,” said Arsul Sani.

He hopes that all Indonesian diplomatic missions everywhere can give the students attention and touches of nationality and humanity. “The MPR RI is ready to be invited and assist the programs of the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General anywhere for national dialogue events,” he said.

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