Most of Papuan Youth Appreciate President Jokowi’s Performance – The majority of young Papuans appreciate the performance of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) through government programs targeting young people directly in order to realize accelerated development and prosperity in the Land of Papua.

This is in line with a survey conducted by Litbang Kompas in March 2022 on the younger generation in Papua and West Papua through interviews involving 400 respondents aged 20-39 years, where the youth satisfaction rate with government performance is over 52%.

Through video testimonials, three native Papuan youths expressed their views on President Joko Widodo’s performance, including those delivered by the 2020 Papua and West Papua Commodity Ambassador, Yohanes Faidiban, or often called Annes.

“President Joko Widodo’s 13 visits to the Land of Papua, are not merely ceremonies, but it is proven that there are many programs from the center that are encouraged for community welfare. One of them is the millennial farmer program,” said Annes in her statement, Friday (17/6/2022).

Annes stated that currently there are approximately 2,000 millennial farmers scattered throughout Papua, some of whom have managed to go international by participating in a coffee exhibition in Boston, United States last April.

“The success of Papuan youth in the international arena cannot be separated from the government’s support and collaboration from various parties,” said Annes, who is also a Fulbright Scholarship recipient.

In line with Annes, Brigita Hisage as one of the millennial farmers also appreciates the opportunities provided by local, provincial and central governments to be involved in various training programs.

“Where these trainings provide benefits for us millennial farmers. These include increasing production yields, understanding business management systems and being able to use digital technology in agriculture,” said Brigita, who also owns herbal tea products from Papua’s natural ingredients.

The same appreciation also came from a young Papuan businessman Neil Aiwoy. The founder of the Kitorang Association has worked in the community since he was a student until now, one form of his service to the community is by establishing the Kitorang cooperative in Raja Ampat district.

“President Joko Widodo through Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2020 has given full attention to Papua. Where the programs in the Presidential Instruction focus on accelerating development and community welfare,” said Neil.

As stated by him, specifically for youth there is an education affirmation program and also the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH). For that Neil invites young Papuans to pick up the ball.

“I want all of us young Papuan people to participate in development, we must have the initiative, collaborate with the government and other development partners to realize development,” he added.

“My appreciation and gratitude to the President for the programs carried out, especially the programs that are prioritized for young people,” concluded Neil.

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