Moria Manalu, A Papuan Wushu Gladiator, the World Champion – A National Sports Week (PON) XX will be the second time for a team of Wushu Sanda of Papua to appear at Indonesia’s grand sporting event. This time, the Wushu Sanda team of Papua will appear with a strength that cannot be underestimated.

The presence of Moria Manalu brought fresh air to the team of Wushu Sanda of Papua who wanted to donate gold medals to the Papuan contingent at home.

Moria Manalu, a female fighter born in Pansurbatu Tarutung, North Tapanuli, September 30, 1987, Moria has chosen the Wushu Sanda as her way of life since 2006, after completing her high school education. At first, Moria wanted to register as a member of the Indonesian militery [TNI], but the fate led him to become a fighter.

“Since 2006, when I had just graduated from high school, I went to Jakarta intending to enlist in the TNI. But God showed me another way, through the deceased senior coach, Amos Panjaitan. I started training and lived at His house in Cipayung, East Jakarta for several years,” said Moria, Tuesday (17/8/21).

Starting from that, Moria established himself as a fighter and began his career in a number of championships, both at national and international levels.

Since appearing for the first time as a fighter, Moria always got success to win in a number of championships. He was increasingly often involved in this martial sport from China.

“From 2007 to 2016 at the National Wushu Championship, I always got gold,” he explained.

Likewise in the PON event when defending the DKI Jakarta contingent, Moria also never failed to get a gold medal. Starting from PON XVII in East Kalimantan in 2008 to PON XIX in West Java in 2016, Moria won gold medals in a row.

“In every Pre-PON I get gold, then in PON East Kalimantan, PON Riau, and PON Jabar I get gold medals successively,” he explained.

Not only that, Moria also collected a number of titles at prestigious events, including two medals at the Wushu Sanda World Championships.

“At the Asian Games I was ranked fourth in Guangzhou, China in 2010, a bronze medal in Asian Martial arts in Thailand in 2009, ranked fourth in the world championships in Canada in 2010, a silver medal in the 2009 SEA Games in Laos, a gold medal in the 2011 SEA Games in Jakarta- Palembang, the gold medal at the 2014 world championships, and the silver medal at the 2015 world championships,” said Moria.

Ahead of the PON XX of Papua which will be the fourth PON, Moria has the ambition again to make achievements with the Papuan wushu sanda team.

“I joined Papuan Wushu since 2019. I want to give the best for Papua and may God wills. PON in Papua will be the fourth PON for me. I have the best target in PON XX, since the hope of all athletes definitely is to achieve a gold medal, through every process and hopefully God will grant it, “he concluded.

Rahmat “Yapa” Renwarin, a former Papuan athlete who won a bronze medal for Wushu at PON XIX of West Java who is now serving as an assistant coach, remains optimistic that Wushu Sanda can present a medal again for the Papuan contingent. Moreover, Papuan wushu is currently being strengthened by a number of national athletes and local athletes with potential medals.

“I am getting optimistic, since we are the host and we are reinforced by former world champion athletes and head coaches who have been in the wushu world for a long time. A coach who always carries the name of Indonesia in the international arena, and I am sure that the wushu sport can give Papua a gold medal, “said Yapa.

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