Momentum to Improve the Quality of Education in Papua – In commemoration of Teacher’s Day taking place on November 25 yesterday, the Provincial Government of Papua expected that teachers in Bumi Cenderawasih continue to be enthusiastic about improving the quality of education.

Especially those in the inland which are part of the Terdepan, Terpencil and Tertinggal (3Ts) regions on the earth of paradise.

An Assistant for General Affairs of the Regional Secretariat of the Papua Province, Derek Hegemur, said that the Papua Provincial Government provides the greatest respect to teachers who have fought for the Education of the Indonesian nation, especially in Papua who have been loyal in their service.

“The Provincial Government of Papua really appreciates educators, especially those in the inland who are willing to teach Papuan children,” said Derek.

Derek continued, the dedication that has been given cannot be measured by anything. For this reason, his party hopes that teachers will not give up their enthusiasm so that education will continue to improve, especially in the 3T area.

“We are in the current position because of the services of the teachers who have provided knowledge, the dedication given is extraordinary,” said Derek.

Derek continued to explain that teachers in rural areas are the spearhead in educating young people to grow up to be smart. So that the education provided will produce leaders who will develop Papua.

“It is from these educational staff that human resources in Papua can grow. Of course, this education is one of the biggest parts of our strategic plan,” he said.

Derek also said that the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, had focused on improving the quality of education to educate Papuan children. With this momentum, it could encourage educators to provide guidance.

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