Minister of BUMN Together with IndiHome Inspirit the Communities in Papua – After attending the invitation to the opening of the Papua National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021 on last Saturday (2/10), Venusiana, A Consumer Service Director of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (Telkom) accompanied the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir, visiting IndiHome fostered communities in Papua, both those engaged in the arts, culture, and education.

“As an #InternetnyaIndonesia, IndiHome is committed not only to realizing equal distribution of digital connectivity from Aceh to Papua, but we are also determined to connect happiness and present real solutions for the Papuan people through the best digital platforms and services,” said Venusiana when welcoming the arrival of the Minister of SOEs in Jayapura, Papua. (3/10).

On that occasion, Erick and Venusiana made chat casually with Mama Ibo, the founder of Batik Papua ‘Pondok Putri Dobonsolo’ who told about the process of carving Papuan batik inspired by batik on the island of Java.

According to Mama Ibo, the uniqueness of Papuan Batik is in the distinctive carvings with Papuan icons, such as the Bird of Paradise. Mama Ibo also explained that the presence of IndiHome is very significant for her.

Another IndiHome fostered community visited was the Tifa Workshop, which plays an important role in maintaining the tradition of the Papuan musical instrument ‘Tifa’. According to Denis Koibur, the founder of Tifa Workshop, apart from Tifa’s musical instruments, Tifa’s Workshop also makes Wai Ron, a traditional Biak boat used by Biak ancestors to sail across the ocean. Wai Ron is also used to take part in the War Boat Festival in Samarai Papua New Guinea.

For the Biak Tribe, the Wai Ron boat is a sacred symbol of the Biak tribe’s culture, including tattoos on the face which are also part of the characteristics of the Biak Papuan tribe. This is where the role of the Tifa Workshop led by Denis.

Furthermore, in the field of education, the Minister of SOEs also witnessed and appreciated IndiHome’s contribution in supporting the continuation of education for the younger generation of Papua through assistance to the  Orphanage Foundation of Sayap Kasih, Kampung Harapan, and the Sentani District of Jayapura Papua.

“You are the future assets of Papua, don’t be afraid to dream, I am sure that one day leaders will be born from here. Because, I never thought I would become a minister,” explained Erick Thohir encouraging the IndiHome foster children at the Sayap Kasih Orphanage Foundation, Jayapura Papua.

Previously, in order to enliven the opening of PON XX Papua 2021, IndiHome held music art activities at seven different booths at various  venues of PON XX. At the event, it  was followed by IndiHome fostered talents such as Marcelina Murtya Umar, winner of the Gita and Nada Papua competition with IndiHome on April 30, 2021.

The event was more lively, visitors joined in singing happily watching the performance of the Vans Palara Dance Studio which means lovers of the outdoors with the majority of community members aged from children to teenagers.

In organizing PON XX Papua 2021, TelkomGroup is present as an official platinum telco partner through the provision of digital connectivity, digital platforms, and digital services at various venues.

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