Millennial Generation are Encouraged to be an Agent of Change in Papua – Millennial generation are encouraged to be an agent of change in Papua in order to create an Independent, Fair and Prosperous Papua. The government’s concern for the Land of Papua can be seen from the various implementations of policies to accelerate welfare development. In policy terms, the issuance of the Law on Special Autonomy for Papua which encourages various development progress and welfare for the Papuan people has been and will be realized.

The implementation of Papua’s special autonomy is the issuance of Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning the Second Amendment to Law 21/2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province. The government is also preparing a Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development in Papua with a development vision of 2041 in an effort to realize an “Independent, Fair and Prosperous Papua.”

The government is also preparing a Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development in Papua with a vision of 2041 development as an effort to realize an “Independent, Fair and Prosperous Papua.” The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, by means of the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication, is responsible for the realization of an integrated public communication and diplomacy management improvement.

“The Ministry of Communication and Informatics gets responsible for improving the management of integrated, innovative, intensive, and equitable public information and communication related to the acceleration of welfare development in Papua Province and West Papua Province,” said Dwi Dianingsih as Coordinator for Political and Government Affairs of the Directorate. The Polhukam, the Directorate General of IKP, the Ministry of Communication and Information at the Papuan People’s Show held in Manokwari Regency, West Papua.

Dwi added that the Directorate of Political, Legal and Security Information and Communication organizes political and government literacy programs through folk performances in Manokwari. The show aims to provide a space of expression for the public, especially the cultural arts community in West Papua, such as theater groups, dance groups, and others to participate in development, according to their respective talents and abilities.

Besides, this activity will also attract millennials because the concept of organizing events is serious but relaxed, not patronizing but inspiring.

The folk performance presented indigenous Papuans as performers. This was supported by West Papuan community leaders, Sius Dowansiba, Papuan Millennial leaders, Paskalis Pigai and Bambang Gunawan, as Director of Information and Political Communication, Law and Security, Directorate General of IKP, Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

It is hoped that with this folk performance activity, the implementation of affirmative policies for indigenous Papuans organized by the central and local governments, can be recognized, welcomed, and supported by various Papuan community groups and throughout Indonesia.

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