Millennial Figures Support President’s Latest Attention to Papua: Elecetric Lights Up for 24 Hours – President Joko Widodo’s relentless concerns to the progress of the Papuan people can not be separated from the attention of young people, especially millennials and students.

The President’s most recent attention and concern, namely realizing additional electricity supply in five districts in Papua for 24 hours non-stop, received their appreciation.

According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Millennial and Student Alliance (AMMI), Nurkhasanah, the President’s efforts to make the 24-hour electricity supply come true is a blessing in itself for the Papuan people on the 76th anniversary of independence.

Moreover, current electrical energy is not only used conventionally for lighting, but also supports various life activities.

“With guaranteed electricity supply for 24 hours a day, all activities are no longer hampered. Learning can be full 24 hours if you want. Selling, especially online, can be non-stop 24 hours a day,” he said in his statement, Tuesday (24/8/ 2021).

Thus, continued Nurkhasanah, guaranteed electricity for 24 hours will certainly increase the productivity of the Papuan people in the future, and in turn automatically improve the welfare of the people.

“It does not precede God’s determination, but God willing, this additional hours will provide benefits in the form of encouragement to increase economic growth, health services, education and others for people in Papua, especially in Dogiyai, Deiyai ​​and Paniai regencies,” he said.

For this reason, according to Nurkhasanah, AMMI also hopes that in the not too be longing, all of Papua, and all parts of Indonesia, will be able to enjoy full 24-hour electricity.

“With the strong determination of the government, as well as the President’s concern and love for all Indonesian people, all people will be able to fully enjoy electrical energy and use it to increase productivity and improve living standards,” said Nurkhasanah.

Previously, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) or PLN in Papua succeeded in realizing a full 24-hour electricity supply in Dogiyai, Deiyai, and Paniai Regencies, from the previous 18 hours. This increase was made possible because of the connected electricity network of the three districts in Papua.

 On the report of the Manager of PLN’s Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) Nabire, Manihar Hutajulu, PLN has activated six generating machines with a total capacity of 3.6 megawatts to supply electricity to 6,342 customers in the region.

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