Militancy of Simon Siren Sparks the Millennial Farmers Spirit of Papua – The millennial farmer generation is the hope for the future of agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) realizes its close role with information technology for advanced, independent, and modern agriculture. That spirit can be seen in Simon Sirene, a young farmer who is expected to be a role model for the millennial generation.

A Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo emphasized that agriculture is no longer what it used to be. “Farmer is cool, farmer is great. There are no more poor farmers,” said the Minister of Agriculture in his written statement, Friday (3/9/2021).

Meanwhile, a Head of the Agricultural Human Resources Extension and Development Agency (BPPSDMP) Dedi Nursyamsi acknowledged the importance of the presence of millennial farmers to support food sovereignty, by leveraging agricultural productivity.

Simon Sirene Sau, a young farmer in Merauke, Papua deserves to be a role model for the millennial generation. His parents are from Flores who migrated to Merauke when he was four years old.

As a son of a poor farmer, the little Simon who often lives in a hut in the middle of the rice fields accompanies his father to work. Now, Simon is the trigger for the millennial generation of Papuan farmers.

Today Simon is the Head of the Agribusiness Department of Agricultural Product Processing at the State Vocational High School (SMK) 1 Tanah Miring, Merauke.

In his opinion, a vocational education is the ‘gateway’ for the birth of millennial farmers, such as SMKN 1 Tanah Miring Merauke, one of seven SMKNs in Papua. Achievements at the district, provincial and national levels are thanks to the spirit of militancy to advance agriculture.

Simon’s struggle for agriculture has been going on since childhood. After school he often goes to the fields, because his family is always there to work on rice, tubers and secondary crops.

The dream of improving family welfare through agriculture prompted Simon to study at SMKN I Tanah Miring, Merauke, the only agricultural school in Merauke.

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