Message Behind the Great Harvest of Wamena Coffee – Located in Yagara Village, Walesi District, Jayawijaya Regency, the coffee harvest and Hipere were carried out, followed by a visit to tourism potential and arabica coffee harvest by the Jayawijaya Regent, Jhon Richard Banua accompanied by Dandim 1702/JWY Lt. Col. Inf. Arif Budi Situmeang, which was attended by hundreds of people, Tuesday 6 April 2022.

Dandim 1702/Jwy Lt. Col. Inf. Arif Budi Situmeang S.IP., M.Tr (Han) revealed that he was also present on behalf of the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Commander in the Wamena Coffee Harvest Festival, as a farmer assisted by Babinsa Koramil 1702 – 01 Wamena.

The great harvest was also attended by Indonesian National Police and Regional Government officials, including the Director of Pam Obvitnas of the Papuan Police Kombes Pol Nico, Head of the District Agriculture Service. Jayawijaya Mr. J. Hendri Tetelepta, SP, Head of the District Land Office. Jayawijaya Mr. Dimo ​​Edward, Head of LMA Kab. Jayawijaya Mr. Herman Doga, Head of Dishub Kab. jayawijaya Mr. Pardoamuan Harahap, Head of Walesi District Daniel Yelipele, S.Sos, Chairman of the Yagara Farmers Group Yanuarius Lane and Yagara Tribe Chief Mr. Markus Lane.

The great harvest activity was carried out on Wednesday (6/4) afternoon, starting with the regent and his entourage inspecting the coffee plantations, taro gardens and cassava gardens, followed by the yam and arabica coffee harvesting.

Regarding the harvest, Mr. Maximus as the Chairperson of the Yagara Coffee Plantation used to convey his aspirations.

“I thank the Regent and Dandim Jayawijaya for their attention so that this coffee plantation can continue to be harvested and marketed outside the city of Wamena,” said Mr. Maximus.

“Thank you also to the Babinsa Koramil of Wamena City who has helped repair the bridge to our plantation. Even Babinsa is also involved in planting and maintaining our garden, so that we can harvest as good as this,” he added.

On the sidelines of harvesting activities, Jhon Richard Banua, the Regent of Jayawijaya, expressed his gratitude to the people who had invited them to attend the harvest.

“I see the potential here is very good and we, the Jayawijya Government, will be ready to help the community if we can set a good example,” explained the Regent.

As the Jayawijaya Government, we collaborate to continue advancing Wamena Coffee and agriculture here. In addition, the Jayawijaya Regional Government will also continue to work closely with the Babinsa Kodim 1702/JWY and Bahbinkamtibmas Jayawijaya Police to continue to take advantage of the potential of this area in Jayawijaya, so that it can be used as an attractive garden tourism spot.

The invitees and citizens of the cheerful pond community are at the Yagara Walesi Coffee Garden, which is one of the Babinsa Kodim 1702/JWY fostered areas in collaboration with the Jayawijaya regional government.

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