Merauke Becomes a First Regency in Papua in Launching a Millennial Farmer Program – The Ministry of Agriculture, a Papua Muda Inspiratif [ an Inspirational Young Papuan] for an Anim-ha Indigenous Region, and the Merauke Regency Government, Papua, launched the Millennial Farmer program, Monday (30/8/2021).

Merauke became the first district in Papua Province to support Jokowi’s program in creating national food security, through incubation of young farmers.

As known, President Jokowi has a priority in creating national food security, by creating qualified human resources, one of which is the younger generation. Therefore, Jokowi targets 2.5 million millennial farmers from Sabang to Merauke to be created, trained, mentored and facilitated.

In Papua and West Papua, it is targeted to create 20,000 millennial farmers led by the local Agriculture and Food Security Service.

Previously, this program was launched in West Papua Province, followed by launches in Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua, and Fakfak Regency, West Papua. Cumulatively, West Papua has accommodated no less than 1,000 young farmers, which are synergized into various training and farmer development programs at the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Inspirational Young Papua Team together with the Ministry of Agriculture, then shifted to Papua Province, and followed the national strategic hint to make Merauke a food barn.

This event was attended directly by Yosefin Iriani Kewamijai who is a Chair of Inspirational Young Papua as well as a millennial farmer in the Anim-ha region, a Deputy Regent of Merauke Riduan, Imelda Caroline Mbaraka (wife of the Regent of Merauke) and Ratna Lauce as Head of the Agriculture Office of M. PPSDM Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture Dedi Nursyamsi, Director General of Food Crops of the Ministry of Agriculture Suwandi, and Head of the PPSDM Agricultural Education Center of the Ministry of Agriculture Idha Widi Arsanti.

The Deputy Regent of Merauke is very enthusiastic about welcoming this millennial farmer program. He hopes that millennial farmers in Papua will boost the economy and people’s welfare in the future.

“Merauke Regency of course fully supports Mr. Jokowi’s program and I am very grateful to the central government for making Merauke the first place for millennial farmers in Papua Province. We will continue to strive to create Merauke’s mainstay farmers to achieve food sovereignty,” said Riduan in his speech in front of hundreds of students of agriculture-based Entrepreneurship High School, Chevalier Anasai Entrepreneurship High School, Semangga District.

Yosefin Iriani Kewamijai, a Head of PMI Anim-ha Region stated, when conducting the data collection survey, to date, more than 1,023 people have stated that they will join and support. He also hopes to partner with other millennial farmer programs that have already started in Merauke.

 Also presenting was the Presidential Staff, Billy Mambrasar, who invited students to take part in exploring the potential of the agricultural sector for Papua’s development.

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