Media Takes an Important Role in Promoting the JKN-KIS Program in Papua – A Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) for Papua and West Papua Regions stated that the mass media took an important role in promoting for the National Health Insurance-Indonesian Health Cards (JKN-KIS) program to be right on target.

It was conveyed by a Deputy Directors of Healthcare and Social Security Agency for Papua and West Papua Region, Budi Setiawan, during a meeting or chatting with the media crew at a cafe in Jayapura, Friday, May 13, 2022.

According to Budi, the JKN-KIS program is a national strategic program or a program from the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, which really needs the role of the mass media to be right on target.

“Actually, this goal is very glorious, it’s just that there are many different understandings out there so we need the role of the media to inform this program,” said Budi.

Budi sees that the conditions in Papua and West Papua are relatively the same, that the participation of the JKK-KIS program in these two provinces is dominated by the membership segment whose contributions are assisted by the government.

As for the conditions of participation, there are 3 aspects to be considered, starting from the side of participation, contributions, to health services.

“The condition of health services in Papua and West Papua is certainly adapted to several obstacles, including infrastructure, health services, both at the first and advanced levels,” he added.

The Healthcare and Social Security Agency recorded that there were 15 districts that did not yet have a hospital. This condition is a challenge for the regions of Papua and West Papua, so that participants who have paid the fee will access health facilities at the first level, puskesmas and clinics as well as at the advanced level.

“Hopefully in the future with this program, people or citizens throughout Indonesia and specifically for Papua and West Papua can have access to health services through the JKN-KIS Program,” he concluded.

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