Maybrat Will Have a Magnificent Football Stadium – The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) plans to build a football stadium in Maybrat Regency, West Papua.

The plan for the building of the stadium was expressed by Regent Maybrat Bernard Sagrim to reporters after attending a coordination meeting for the internal supervision of finance and development in Manokwari, Friday, June 4, 2021.

According to Bernard, this stadium will stand on an area of ​​5 hectares in the South Soroan area. This location was chosen because it is spacious and strategic, and can be reached by people from Sorong and South Sorong.

“This football stadium must be in the middle of Maybrat so that it is easy to access from the southern part of Soroan, making it easier for people from Sorong, South Sorong (Sorsel) and Maybrat to come to the stadium. Don’t be in a narrow place making visitors uncomfortable,” he said.

Bernard admitted that the building of this stadium was his straight request to the Ministry of PUPR. “This is the result of my lobbying to the Minister of PUPR and all of this is to develop the potential or talent of the young generation of Maybrat in the field of sports, especially football,” he said.

Maybrat has given birth to talented young people in the world of Indonesian football. A number of names of players have also become famous at the national level, one of which is Boaz Solossa, the main striker of Persipura Jayapura.

“There are many young talents of Maybrat who are skillful in football, and have proven to be a local name, even at the national level. Football players like Boaz Solossa, Ortisan Solossa to Yanto Basna, these are Maybrat’s children,” said Bernard.

Regarding the name of the stadium, Bernard said it would be prepared after the stadium was built. While the budget for the construction of the stadium in Maybrat will be sourced from the state budget.

“I’m not ahead of anyone, but this football stadium is quite magnificent. The name of the stadium does not yet exist, it will be prepared after everything is clear and built,” he explained.

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