Markus Seseray, Succeeds in Establishing of UMKM Business from the Smallest – The land of Papua feels like to continually call and remind him to go home. Confused with the choice, remaining to work in another country or returning home to take role in developing his beloved hometown, Markus Seseray, 47, finally decided his choice to return to Papua.

Markus Seseray has taken a long way. Japan is a country in which his dreams started to come true. In 1996, Markus attended a Papuan student exchange to the Land of the Rising Sun. However, due to the language handicap, he was not long for being there. Markus did not give up, he tried at a second chance to gain experience in Japan. Osaka is the destination. In the one of the largest cities in Japan, Markus worked at a company engaged in the construction sector.

He used his experience from adventuring to Japan as capital to establish a business. He bought land in the Jayapura region, Papua, and built a shop in 2004, which is slowly advanced. In addition, he also opened a billiard game business, owned 16 tables and opened a telecommunication shop, aka telephone shop.

However, his phone shop business closed because it was not profitable since the people became easier to own a cell phone. So that there were only two rooms left, which then Markus used to sell groceries and to open a photocopy business. Now, only the grocery store business remaining, because the copier was out of order and could not work.

In 2012, Markus accepted an offer to join the SRC, which is an UKM empowerment program under Sampoerna’s assistance. Since it is launched in 2008, now the SRC has assisted more than 110,000 SRCs in all provinces of Indonesia, including Papua. Since then, the various improvements have been made to the appearance of the shop, for convenience of customer and development, as well as for increasing income. 

Markus was once invited to share stories in Nabire, Papua. In that area, shop owners still managed their shops in the old manner. He did not explain further the old manner in question. However, on that occasion, Markus told of the changes that his shop had made until it finally keep to grow until now.

“I went there (Nabire) to be a motivator. If possible, friends are in the area like this. We ourselves feel, by joining the SRC, there is a change in income, increasing. The change is for the better,” he said.

From his efforts, Mark has employed five people. He began to invite the closest environment, namely family to work with him. However, he stressed, even though those who work are still family members, professionalism remains to be the main principle. 

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