Marketing of Agricultural Commodities is a Key of Rural Economic Development

Chairman of the Customary Chamber of Papuan Traditional Entrepreneurs or KAPP Lanny Jaya, Freddy Ginia Tabuni, said that marketing of rural agricultural products to urban areas is the key for developing the community’s economy at the village level.

“In Lanny Jaya Regency, the main commodities are fresh vegetables, cabbage, carrots, beans, jipan fruit, as well as Lanny Jaya coffee. Other commodities are rabbit meat, pork, chicken, shrimp and so on. The results have been managed by the community, and are still circulating in the local market, or consumed by themselves,” he said. Thursday (24/6/2021).

“We help in developing the community to process it in the form of packaging such as Ninakopi Lanny Jaya, or the tofu factory in Lanny Jaya. In the future we will help the community in other types of business,” he said.

Tabuni said the people of Lanny Jaya have also started their business by setting up a grocery stall. Their stalls are now competing with stalls owned by migrant residents.

Tabuni expressed his gratitude to the Regent of Lanny Jaya for supporting KAPP Lanny Jaya’s efforts to develop the economy of the community in the village. “The community is very supportive,” said Tabuni.

Secretary of KAPP Lanny Jaya, Ironi Kogoya said that Lanny Jaya Regency also has many areas that have the potential to become tourist hamlets. “We hope that we, KAPP and the government, can manage tourism in the hamlet, so that we can bring in foreign tourists,” said Kogoya.

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