Marinus Yaung: It’s Time to Build Papua without Corruption – Cenderawasih University academic (Uncen), Marinus Yaung, said, with the appointment of Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe as a corruption suspect by the KPK, Monday (11/9), it is time for Papua to be free from all kinds of corrupt practices, collusion and nepotism in all forms.

For him, Papua can learn from China about how China frees 100 million Chinese people from poverty by developing anti-corruption mitigation programs in society.

“The Chinese government is aware that corruption is the main source of poverty and the decline of a nation. Therefore, China has several mitigation programs in combating the culture of corruption so that it is effective in reducing corruption,” said Marinus via Whatt Apps message.

In his view, those who are accepted as civil servants are invited to go on a tour of the prison for corruptors who are waiting for the death penalty. They saw the prison atmosphere was very concerning. Also shown the place of execution. There is a lethal injection room. There is a gallows. There’s a shooting range.

“Every promotion, they also have to spend a day in prison to live a miserable life for corruptors. They were also introduced to corrupt families who were systematically impoverished,” he continued, Monday (12/9).

He continued, for school children and students. The government provides a corruption museum. The corruption museum was built in the city of Nanning, Guangzie Province. This place was once owned by a conglomerate. It was closed in 2008 after being raided by the People’s Army along with the anti-corruption team from Beijng. Several high-ranking military officers, police, party elites, and mayoral officials were arrested and executed along with more than 100 businessmen or businessmen.

 “I imagine one day a museum like this should exist in Indonesia and specifically in Papua,” he said.

            With the design of this corruption museum, it is hoped that the Chinese people will always remember how cruel the corruptors were with their hedonistic lives in the midst of China’s struggle to lift hundreds of millions of people out of the mud of poverty.

 “On the other hand, in Indonesia and Papua, former corruption convicts can remain party administrators. Former corruption convicts can still get respectable positions in power. Why? out of prison he remains rich, even richer. Because the money that was hidden can be used freely. Including buying back positions of power,” he said.

Besides, the word about anti-corruption education at the school and university level has not been programmed. There is no anti-corruption museum yet. There is no study tour program for civil servants to prison. It needs to be considered and realized immediately.

“It is time for anti-corruption mitigation programs in Papua to appear. Hopefully God wills, the road to the seat of power in Papua in 2024 can be realized,” he said.

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