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Marind Culture Expected To Be Highlighted During PON XX

goodmorningpapua.com – The culture of the Marind people must be highlighted during the  National Sports Week (PON) XX, because of there are six sports that will be held on October 2021 in Merauke Regency. In addition to the dances displayed, various handicrafts ranging from woven, noken, tifa, loincloth and others were exhibited and sold at the same time.

The request was conveyed by the Deputy Chairperson of the Marind-Imbuti Indigenous Community Institution (LMA), Hendrikus Hengky Ndiken to goodmorningpapua.com, Friday. “If the Marind culture is not highlighted, it’s the same as not being held in Anim Ha’s land,” he said.

By performing the dances of the Marind people, as well as introducing Marind culture to all people coming from various provinces in Indonesia who participate in a number of sports in Merauke.

“Likewise, various Marind handicrafts need to be exhibited and sold. So, there is an impact felt by the natives,” he said.

It is hoped that Marind’s children will be involved in the committee by the PON of Sub-District of Merauke Regency, so that they will feel the impact.

One of the Marind intellectuals, Antonius Kaize some time ago asked that in this big event, the impact should be felt by indigenous Papuans. “After all, the Marind people were involved. Then it is prepared for a number of places in the city and surrounding areas as to they can sell their handicrafts, “he asked. 

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