Marike Agustin Tenawe, a Pearl for Papua’s Future – A region of Papua, which lies at the easternmost end of Indonesia, has a lot of great potential. In addition to its abundant mining products and natural resources, this black pearl land also has outstanding Human Resources (HR), especially from the younger generation. These young Papuans have succeeded in making achievements in academics in the United States.

Marike Agustin Tenawe, a student from Papua, successfully graduated as the first overall winner (Valedictorian) at the West Nottingham Academy (WNA) Colora Maryland, USA. In 2019, for her success, Marike was given the opportunity to deliver a single speech on behalf of all students at the graduation ceremony taking place in the hall of West Nottingham Academy.

In addition to Marike, there are 11 students from Papua who also graduated from foreigners. They are Aprilia Burdam, Bone Atek, Pince Gombo, Elvine Mote, Vincensius Pekei, Vannar Krey, Valentine Talenggen, Ice Selegani, Golda Wihyawari, Lia Weya, and Mendison Wonda.

Of the 12 students, 3 people received scholarships from the US Government to continue their studies at the University of Rhode Island, namely Marike Agustin Tenawe from Mimika with a final GPA of 4.00 and was accepted as a student at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Ocean Engineering. Then Vannar Krey from Biak with a final GPA of 3.71 majoring in Ocean Engineering and Golda Meir A Wihyawari from Serui majoring in Fishery, Animal and Veterinary Science (Fisheries).

Meanwhile, 9 other students were also accepted at a number of universities in America, namely Aprilia Burdam and Ice Selegani, who continued their studies at Oregon State University.

Then Pince Gombo, Lia Weya, Valentine Talenggen and Vincensius Pekei continued their studies at Washington State University. Next, Mendison Wonda and Bone Atek continued to Marshall University. And Elvine Mote continued to Tarumanegara University.

At that time, in her speech, Marike stated that the success she had achieved with her Papuan friends was a gift from the Lord Jesus. This achievement also proves that native Papuan children are able to compete with other children from various countries in the world.

Marike also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Papua Provincial Government for supporting and providing scholarships so that they can complete their studies on time. Marike Agustin Tenawe and 11 native Papuan students were sent by the Papua Provincial Government to study in the United States with the Papua Special Autonomy scholarship. They were sent in 2016 and completed studies this year (2019).

In her daily life in the US, Merika also often shares her activities through her YouTebe account. All of the achievements that have been reached by this daughter cannot be separated from the attention of the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Papua having provided support and scholarships so that they can complete their studies on time.  This has certainly a positive impact on Papua when they can later devote themselves to the advancement of education in Papua.

The story above shows that every region must have intelligent human resources and have the potential to advance their origin region. One of them is the sons and daughters of Papua who have successfully demonstrated their quality at the international level. Apart from them, the responsiveness of the Papuan provincial government in providing scholarships should also be appreciated. Hopefully, the existing success can be an example for other regions.

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