Maria Tambingon, a Miss Indonesia Contestant Turning to the Livestock Business – Remember Maria Fransisca Tambingon? This personage is certainly no stranger to young Papuans. Her name was well-known when she participated in the Miss Indonesia representative for Papua in 2014. This beautiful Papuan woman made it into the Top 10 Puteri Indonesia at that time. The young women born in Biak on October 11, 1995, rarely appeared to the public after participating in this prestigious event. Maria tells the story of the beginning of her business in laying hens.

“This laying hens business is privately owned. It started a few years ago when my father asked for a laying hens business, but didn’t have time and was still looking for references,” he said, starting her journey.

Maria said that after selling eggs to the inland, she saw that the business opportunity she was doing was quite promising.

“I think this business has good prospects in the future, and from there I am sure to pursue it, thank God until now,” she said.

“I am the first person, so traders for large and small parties usually come and buy immediately,” said Maria excitedly.

For her, the chicken egg business is a very good business because chicken eggs are one of the staple ingredients that cannot be avoided or are very much needed. Even though she is beautiful and has the title Puteri Indonesia Papua, Maria is never awkward going down to see her chickens in the cage.

“I went to the coop in simple clothes. It’s also called a business, so everything, including checking the chickens, then taking the eggs, I did,” said Maria.

The woman who has played in the film Boven Digoel emphasized that as a young person, this is not the time to get lazy. But you must have productivity by pursuing a business according to your passion or pleasure.

“Initially for running this business, there were also many challenges, I believe and most importantly dare to try and take risks, even more so because we already know the market exists,” he added.

The smiling woman said that she currently has a population of 3,000 laying hens. The laying hens business, Maria has entered into its second year. The flood of eggs from outside Papua is admittedly a challenge that must be faced.

“The toughest challenge is when the stock of eggs from outside Papua which actually is not local eggs comes in and is sold at low prices. As a result, we local egg-layers inevitably have to cut prices as well,” she regrets.

In addition, she said, since the increase in fuel and other needs, feed or fodder also increased. However, Maria said that the interest of local chicken egg buyers is currently very high, because local eggs are starting to become difficult to obtain.

“Every day when the eggs come in from the cage, they run out immediately,” she said happily.

From the effort that she pursues with full consistency, Maria has now been able to meet the needs of her life, parents, and relatives and towards financial freedom which is certainly everyone’s dream. On that occasion, Maria invited young people, especially the Papuan generation, to decrease their prestige and increase their intentions because success is in front of each person’s eyes.

“It’s just who is able to catch the opportunity, and consistently make it happen,” she said in closing.

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