Mappi Regency Government Conducts a Declaration and Dissemination of Public Information Transparency – In Indonesia, the commemoration of World Right to Know Day began in 2011. World Right to Know Day is a momentum for public bodies to open up and carry out their obligations to provide public information.

An Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael R. Gomar, S.STP. M.Si is grateful for the direction and support of KI Papua for this activity. Moreover, current information is very important in the era of reform and industrialization.

“As state civil servants (ASN) and public servants, they are obliged to provide good and transparent information to the public, in order to create good coordination, synergy, collaboration between the local government and the community,” he said in his speech on the Declaration and Socialization of Public Information Openness in Kepi, Wednesday. 28 September 2022.

The activity attended by ASN, TNI, Polri, and figures in Kepi was carried out at the Qhaindauri Sports Building (GOR), Kepi City, Mappi Regency.

Law 14/2008 concerning public information disclosure is in accordance with an Article 28 paragraph F of the 1945 Constitution which states that “Everyone has the right to communicate and obtain information to develop their personal and social environment and has the right to seek, obtain, possess, convey information using all types of channels. which is available.”

“Information also provides opportunities and chances for the community, as well as being a measuring tool for government performance in the community,” he explained.

The Mappi Regency Government is grateful for the arrival of KI Papua to disseminate Law 14/2008. It is hoped that with this activity, ASN and public officials will be able to carry out public information services in their respective duties and responsibilities.

“So that all information that is disseminated to the public can be done correctly and accurately, and contains positive information. Don’t give negative information which is usually spread by word of mouth,” he said.

An Acting Regent of Mappi also ensures that any information conveyed to the public is a shared responsibility. “Although Kepi has not yet fully received complete public information, it is permissible for the needle to fall at the port, residents in the district already know. This is because the information is disseminated very quickly. No matter how small the information, it will be quickly heard by the public and this cannot be denied. This is the era of public information disclosure,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a Chairman of KI Papua, Wilhelmus Pigai appreciated the commitment of the Mappi Regency Government to encourage the disclosure of public information, in order to realize an open and transparent government, free from Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN).

On that occasion, Wilhelmus also said that the KI of the Papua Province was carrying out Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) activities for the 2022 Public Information Openness throughout Papua. Monev activities are carried out to ensure the level of compliance of public bodies in implementing the Law on Public Information Disclosure.

“The Regional Government of Mappi Regency as a Public Agency in Papua Province can participate in this KIP Monev activity,” he said.

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