Making Proud! Three Papuan Perbakin Athletes Strengthen the Indonesian National Team at the Vietnam SEA Games – The Indonesian contingent that will compete at the SEA Games Hanoi, Vietnam in May has been announced at a ceremony that will take place at the Wisma Menpora Auditorium, Wednesday (30/3/22) yesterday. Indonesia sent as many as 476 athletes from 31 sports (cabor) to be participated in.

A Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) RI, Zainudin Amali affirmed that the number of sports and athletes sent was the result of the calculations of the review team consisting of KONI, KOI, sports experts and practitioners.

“I think these 31 sports have faced the review team, have been fit and proper, have been tested by the review team. So that the athletes and the number of contingents like that pass, and be as objective as possible,” said Minister of Youth and Sports Amali as quoted from the release of the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Of the 476 athletes, Papua Province as to be ranked 4th in the XX National Sports Week (PON) participated in the allocation of athlete representatives. One of them is the Indonesian Hunting and Shooting Association (Perbakin) Papua which sent its three best athletes.

 The three Perbakin Papua athletes are Fany Febriana Wulandari who specializes in 10-meter and 25-meter pistols, Nourma Try Indriani in the shotgun trap class, and Charlelis Manusama in the running target class. A Deputy Secretary of Perbakin Papua who also doubles as one of the coaches, Nanik said, the call was the fruit of the hard work of the three athletes who continued to train hard and also produced achievements in the last XX PON.

The three Papuan Perbakin athletes are joined with 14 athletes from other regions who complete the list of 17 Indonesian shooting athletes who will go to the SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 12-23 May. For your information, the three Papuan shooting athletes also played a major role in presenting the best achievements for the Papuan contingent in the last XX PON event.

Fany Febriana Wulandari became the athlete of the Papuan contingent who contributed the most gold medals with four gold pieces in the individual skeet women, team trap women, double trap women team, and team skeet women as well as one silver medal in the double trap women individual number. Nourma Try Indriani presented two gold medals from the individual 10 meter running target women and individual 10 meter running target mixed women.

Meanwhile, Charlelis Manusama contributed two silver medals from the individual 25-meter pistol women’s event and the women’s 25-meter pistol team. The three of them helped to bring Perbakin Papua in runner up under West Java by making a new history in the PON event with 10 gold medals and 9 silver medals.

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