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Making Proud! Some Schools in Papua have Implemented the Independent Curriculum

goodmorningpapua.com – The Regional Library and Archives Education Office (DPPAD) of Papua Province said several schools in the area had implemented the Independent Curriculum.

An Acting Head of the Papua Province DPPAD, Protasius Lobya, said the schools that had implemented the Independent Curriculum were the Joint High School, SMAN 4, YPK Kotaraja High School, Taruna Dharma High School. While some others are still adjusting to learning conditions.

According to Protasius, the Independent Curriculum is no different from the previous one, only that the learning methods will be more diverse so that students have enough time to explore the concept of strengthening competence.

“For this year, the third batch of Papuans is implementing the Independent Curriculum, so we haven’t received a thorough evaluation from schools that implement the curriculum,” he said.

He explained that implementing the Independent Curriculum does not have to be fully applicable, because the most important thing is how the child’s learning process experiences freedom of learning, including the teacher.

“Like SMAN 3 and SMAN 5, the only schools that have been established are the science majors, there can be no other majors, but it doesn’t mean the driving school program or the Independent Curriculum cannot be applied because there is a learning effect for teachers and students for variations in teaching methods,” he said.

Previously Mendikbudristek Nadiem Makarim explained that the implementation of the Independent Curriculum was an offer or an option. So do not force the school at all to implement it. However, he hopes that educators and school principals see this curriculum from the breadth of its benefits for learning recovery.

“We believe that it is the teacher who best understands the needs and potential of their students. Therefore, we give them much greater flexibility to develop learning by prioritizing project-based learning. The Independent Curriculum puts forward learning that is much more liberating, fun, in-depth and relevant for students,” said Nadiem.

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