Making Proud! Electrification in West Papua Reaches 99.99 Percent – The Manokwari State Electricity Company (PLN) is committed to continuing to provide services in the lighting sector in Manokwari, the capital city of West Papua Province.

A General Manager of the Main PLN Papua and West Papua Region Moch Andy Adchaminoerdin met with the Deputy Governor of West Papua Mohamad Lakotan, a Kapolda Inspector General of Police Tornagogo Sihombing, a Head of the High Prosecutor’s Office Juniman Hutagaol, and a Head of the Regional Intelligence Agency (Kabinda) West Papua Vincentius Setiawan Bayu Sasetiyo.

During the series of visits, Andy explained the condition of electricity in West Papua. PLN hopes that the local government and stakeholders will provide full support so that the electricity supply will continue to be safe and serve all customers.

“The purpose of this visit is to meet and coordinate with each stakeholder. With continued synergy, we hope that together we can continue to develop West Papua, especially in the electricity sector,” said Andy in Manokwari, Thursday (24/3/2022).

Apart from ensuring that electricity services and supplies being maintained for the community, PLN has another task to electrify remote areas in West Papua.

“Currently, the electrification ratio of West Papua has reached 99.99 percent, while around 0.01 percent of the people in West Papua still do not enjoy electricity. We really need support and cooperation between stakeholders to accelerate the progress of West Papua RE to 100 percent,” he added.

Meanwhile, a Deputy Governor of West Papua Mohamad Lakotani expressed his readiness to support PLN’s efforts to electrify all areas in the province.

“Thank you for the services provided by PLN so far. What we feel right now is that the electricity condition is getting better,” he said.

 Mohamad Lakotani added that his party is very open and supports PLN’s efforts in carrying out its duties and responsibilities in West Papua.

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