Making Business Bookkeeping Easy, Government Encourages Papuan MSME [UMKM] to Use Cashier Applications – Many Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME/UMKM) in Papua are digitally literate, where they use online platforms such as social media and marketplaces in marketing their products.

Based on the results of monitoring and team visiting from the Directorate of Information Applications at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo) to the MSME center in Holtekamp Beach, Jayapura, not a little of MSME in Bumi Cendrawasih that have used digital platforms to support their business.  Some of them have also succeeded in increasing their profits by selling across islands.

A MSME Digital Technology Adoption Coordinator of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Sumarno said, social media platforms and market workshops were successfully implemented by MSME players to expand the market. However, the application of cashier and aggregator applications seems to be very lacking. “In fact, these two applications are able to make business processes more effective and efficient,” he said, quoted on Wednesday (11/3/2021).

Sumarno also encouraged MSME actors, especially MSME of Producers in the Processing Sector in Papua, to implement aggregator applications to facilitate online store monitoring and cashier applications to facilitate bookkeeping.

For information, the visit of the Ministry of Communication and Information to the MSME center was carried out in the context of monitoring and evaluating Active Selling 2021 activities targeting thousands of MSME Producers in the Processing Sector in various regions in the country, including Papua.

Wamby, a trader produceing accessories of Papua, has been working on the shores of Holtekamp Beach for six years. He also produces various snacks from bananas that he sells offline and online by means of social media.

To Sumarno, Wamby told about the trend of selling original accessories from a crowded area when big events being held. Due to shipping costs, Wamby mostly accepts orders around Papua, since it is unable to penetrate the national market yet.

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