Making a Response to Division, Papuan Tradition Council and Government to Hold a Peaceful Dialogue – The Papuan Tradition Council or DAP finally issued five decisions in observing the socio-political, legal, economic and cultural situation, including the discourse of expansion that continues to roll in Papua.

These five points are the result of the DAP Leadership Meeting from 7 Indigenous Regions held on May 10, 2022 in Padang Bulan, Abepura, Jayapura City, Papua. The five points of the decesion include:

First, DAP urges the Government of Indonesia to stop the efforts and steps for the division of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) till a peaceful dialogue is carried out between the Central Government, Regional Governments and traditional peoples regarding the purpose of the benefits of the expansion in Papua.

Second, DAP urges the Government of Indonesia to ensure that in every policy made and implemented in Tanah Papua, it does not further depopulate Papuan indigenous peoples, marginalize them, and eliminate them in the development process.

Third, DAP urges the Indonesian government to stop the flow of migration into Papua and to guarantee the right to life, political rights, land rights, rights to participate in development, economic rights, and social rights of indigenous Papuans.

Fourth, DAP urges the National Police not to use repressive methods in dealing with the expression of aspirations by indigenous peoples, especially Papuan students.

Fifth, DAP supports the establishment of an Ad Hoc Law Commission in West Papua Province in accordance with Special Regional Regulation No. 16 of 2013, by encouraging one candidate member to sit on the Ad Hoc Law Commission in West Papua Province as a representative of the Papuan Tradition Council.

The Secretary General of the Papuan Tradition Council, Leonard Imbiri, said that there were two of the five points of attitude that became an important emphasis in addressing the situation in Papua. In addition to the issue of division, the issue of human rights violations is one of them.

In fact, continued Leonard Imbiri, DAP considered it important that the Chair of the UN Human Rights Commission be present in Papua. Likewise the importance of the mechanism of the Ad Hoc Commission for West Papua.

“There are 2 things that we actually put into these 5 points, the first is related to the current aspirations of the people, namely the rejection of the division of new autonomous regions and the second is about human rights violations and the importance of urging the chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission to be present in Papua and the importance of the mechanism of the Ad Hoc Commission for West Papua,” said Imbiri at the Maranatha Convent, Waena, Saturday, May 14, 2022.

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