Maintaining Inter-Religious Harmony – Inter-religious harmony must be maintained with moderate religious attitudes, insights, and behaviors, as implemented by the Papua Rumah Doa Segala Bangsa to prevent potential conflicts.

This was stated by the Main Secretary of the National Counterterrorism Agency (Sestama BNPT), Dedi Sambowo, said it in his statement regarding the inauguration of the Papuan House of Prayer for All Nations in Sentani, Jayapura on Monday (4/7/2022).

“Harmony among religious believers must begin with a moderate insight, attitude and religious behavior. As we saw at the inauguration of the Papuan House of Prayer for All Nations,” he said.

The event was attended by the Secretary of the BNPT, the former Papuan Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw, the Head of the National Police’s Intelligence and Security Agency Ahmad Dofiri, the Head of the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs Eko Prasetyanto, and the general chairman of PGI Pdt. Gomar Gultom.

According to Dedi, Indonesia is a pluralistic nation, so that it is needed in maintaining an attitude of tolerance by involving all elements of society

In this case, it is certain that BNPT will continue to be present to embrace many parties with a soft approach, namely by educating the public to increase the value of tolerance.

An example is collaborating with the Papuan House of Prayer for All Nations in spreading the teachings of love and non-violent conflict resolution with the idea of ​​religious moderation in Indonesia, especially in Papua.

“Papua Rumah Doa Segala Bangsa is BNPT’s partner in spreading the value of love and non-violent conflict resolution,” he said.

The chairman of the Papuan Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) and the founder of the Papuan House of Prayer for All Nations, Pdt. Lipiyus Biniluk added that the background of the establishment of this place is prayer activity which is the obligation of every religious community.

He wants to build a place of prayer for all humanity in Papua regardless of religion, ethnicity and race.

“I want to say that prayer is important in any religion. Especially if it is added to fasting, it is a moment that we believe is a moment to realize that humans are not capable without God’s help. We also use this method of prayer and fasting in solving problems in Papua Papua, the house of prayer for all nations, is open to anyone, any religion,” he explained.

In addition, the Head of BNPT Boy Rafli Amar is considered to have provided support for prayer and fasting activities in Papua while still serving as the Papuan Regional Police Chief for the 2017 – 2018 period.

“One of the sentences from him (Head of BNPT) I remember is ‘prayer and fasting open God’s intervention in all problems’, he really supports us,” he concluded.

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