Lukas Enembe, the Father of Papuan Sports Development – The Indonesian Development Monitoring Institute (IDM Institute), officially gave the title “The Father of Papuan Sport Development” to Luke Enembe, Sip, MH. The awarding of the title to the Governor of Papua, who is also the General Chair of the regional KONI was conveyed by Excecutive Director Fahmi Hafel in Jakarta, Thursday (22/7/2021).

According to Fahmi, the title is based on the assessment of the success of the Enembe in building sports and international class of, and even world-class of, sports infrastructure in Papua. And all of that was inseparable from the initial struggle of Luke Enembe who succeed to make Papua as the host of PON XX in 2021.

Fahmi Haffel explained that IDM Institute was a national organization institution, which was founded in 2005 as a political research institution in August 2006. IDM unites social scientists from various disciplines to pursue and conduct research sponsored by international and national institutions as well as the private foundations untill BUMN. Researchers at the IM Institute come from various disciplines such as economics, education, environmental studies, communication science, political science, public administration, sociology, social statistics and city planning.

IDM has a number of research centers including, centers of science, technology, and economic policy, environmental policy centers, agro-industry research centers, international and national political analysis centers, and global change research centers. In addition, IDM also has one work group, about regional development, law, society, and global justice.

With the implementation of PON XX in Papua, it will provide a lot of positive impacts, both in terms of regional development, as well as the construction of sports on Bumi Cenderawasih. Lukas Enembe’s persistence who wants to build Papua in various fields, is considered in line with the concept of the construction of President Jokowi who wants to build Indonesia from the east. The potential of the natural talent of the Papuan athletes is combined with a variety of sophisticated and modern sports facilities, of course, it is an era of sports awakening in Papua.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of KONI Papua, who was confirmed via his telephone stated that he was moved and proud of the reward / appointment of Luke Enembe by a national organization like IDM Institute.

Kenius stated that Lukas Enembe’s thoughts and ideals to build Papua in various fields was very high. PON XX of Papua 2021 is like an invaluable gift for Papua, and this is a rare and prestigious moment.

The success of Papua as the hosts PON XX in 2021 will be recorded with gold ink in the history of civilization in the land of Papua. As General Secretary of KONI Papua, Kenius always works together with the man who also serves as General Chair of the KONI. Evidently, to approach the day of PON XX 2021, all preparations can be conducted well and professionally

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