LPG Prices in West Papua are Sure to be Lowered

goodmorningpapua.com – Good news for the people in West Papua, who will soon be able to enjoy the convenience and availability of LPG gas to meet their daily needs, this is marked by the Ground Breaking of the construction of the LPG bulk filling and transportation station (SPPBE) in collaboration with the Sorong Regency government, PT Pertamina Patra Commerce, and the regional company PT Malamoi Olom Wobok and received support from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and SKK Migas.

Furthermore, said Milton Pakpahan, data from upstream of Elpiji supply change from Petrogas Arar is 14 metric tons per day, so it takes 45 days of stock to meet the bottling capacity which unfortunately is carried out in Surabaya, thus requiring large costs for transportation.

“So far, bottling has been carried out in Surabaya, so it takes 3 weeks for the filling process, so don’t be surprised if you hear about scarcity news, therefore this is the first history of SPBE establishment here,” continued Milton Pakpahan.

The Regent of Sorong, Johny Kamuru, expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and Pertamina especially Pertamina Patra Niaga for supporting the steps to provide SPBE to answer the needs of LPG for the community in West Papua.

President Commissioner of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Sumangar Milton Pakpahan said, based on the latest regulations Pertamina has been divided into a number of sub-holding subsidiaries, with their respective responsibilities, Patra Niaga’s task is to ensure that all Pertamina products are  distributed well, therefore the presence of a Charging Station and transportation of Bulk Elpiji (SPPBE) in special economic areas (SEZ) which is a collaboration with local company PT Malamoi Olom Wobok (MOW) will answer the need for LPG in West Papua.

“The consumption of non-subsidized LPG in West Papua is 18,000 cylinders per month, of which 14,000 Bright Gas cylinders are 12 kilos, 3,600 gas cylinders are 5.5 kilos, and 400 LPG cylinders are 50 kilos. The needs of West Papua have also only been handled by 5 agents, 2 agents in Manokwari, and 3 agents in Sorong, so the opportunity to become an Elpiji gas agent is still wide open,” said Milton Pakpahan.

A Business Director of PT Malamoi Olom Wobok, Mohammad Said Noer said, the current market price of LPG in West Papua is higher than outside Java, therefore the presence of SPBE which is supported by the government, as well as trust in the regional company PT Malamoi Olom Wobok to develop business activities that are sustainable.

Based on records, the current price of LPG on the market in West Papua ranges from Rp. 265,000 to Rp. 280,000, but with the SPBE in Sorong, it is estimated that the price of LPG can be lowered to Rp. 160,000 per tube, so that if SPBE starts operating, the gas price is certain. LPG will be cheaper than the latter-day market price.

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