LPDP Provides Scholarships for Papuan Boys and Girls

goodmorningpapua.com – The Education Fund Management Agency or LPDP in 2022 will provide scholarships for Papuan children with relaxation for the requirements and a wider range of higher education institutions.

The LPDP Scholarship for Papuan Boys and Girls is a master’s and doctoral scholarship program intended for the children of the Papua Province and West Papua Province.

The Boys and Girls of Papua are Indigenous Papuans who come from the Melanesian race group consisting of native tribes in the Papua Province and West Papua Province, with the following provisions:

1. The original Papuan clan, or

2. The biological mother is a native Papuan,

3. The biological father is a native Papuan

Quoted from the lpdp.kemenkeu.go.id page, Friday, March 4, 2022, the scholarship recipients must return and serve in Indonesia after completing their studies in accordance with LPDP regulations and contributing in Indonesia for 2 study periods plus 1 year after completing studies in a row.

The following are the requirements for applying for the Papuan Men’s and Women’s scholarships:

1. Indonesian citizen.

2. Having completed a D4 or undergraduate study for a master’s scholarship, and a master’s program for a doctoral scholarship.

3. Applicants who have completed their master’s degree studies are not allowed to apply for the master’s scholarship program and those who have completed their doctoral studies are not allowed to apply to the doctoral scholarship program.

4. Not currently studying or on going, a master’s program for the purpose of a master’s program or a doctorate for the purpose of a doctoral program either at a domestic university or a university abroad.

5. Not currently registering, will receive, or receive scholarships from other sources that have the potential of double funding as long as they are recipients of LPDP scholarships.

6. Scholarships are only for regular classes and are not for the following classes:

a. Executive Class

b. Special Class

c. Employee class

d. Distance Class

e. Classes held not at main college.

f. International Class for domestic purpose of country.

g. Classes held in more than 1 college country, or

h. Other classes that do not meet

LPDP provisions.

7. Willing to sign or approve a statement on the registration application with a statement format from the attached points.

8. Filling in your profile on the online registration form.

9. Writing a commitment to return to Indonesia, post-study plan, and contribution plan in Indonesia.

10. Writing research proposals for applicants for doctoral education programs.

11. Writing a history and links to scientific publications or if any.

For you sons and daughters of Papua, you can register through the scholarship page lpdp.kemenkeu.go.id.

You can complete and upload all the required documents on the registration application

Make sure to submit a registration application to get a registration code.

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