LPDP Provides Affirmation Scholarships for Papuan Children

goodmorningpapua.com – Along with the state’s concern to the development of human resources in the Papua region, in this case, LPDP will provide affirmation scholarships to Papuan sons and daughters.

Starting in 2022, the development of human resources in the Papua region is increasingly realized with the existence of a special line of affirmation scholarships given by LPDP to Papuan sons and daughters. This type of scholarship is specifically intended for sons and daughters who are in the Papua region.

Actually, this LPDP affirmation scholarship has been running for several stages. In phase 1 yesterday, there were around 100 of the best young people in Papua who have received benefits to continue their studies to universities with this scholarship.

Quoted from the upload to the Instagram account @lpdp_ri, the affirmation scholarship given by LPDP to Papuan sons and daughters is a scholarship program intended for Papuan children to pursue master’s and doctoral education.

So, for the children of the Papua region, they can take advantage of this affirmation scholarship from LPDP to continue their master’s (S2) and doctoral (S3) education levels.

So that the development of human resources in the Papua region will be helped by this scholarship program.

This type of affirmation scholarship provided by LPDP is also known as the Papuan Men’s Scholarship.

This is because this scholarship is specifically and fully awarded to sons and daughters in the Papua region.

In this case, the affirmation scholarship provided by LPDP specifically for the young generation of Papua sets the target for applicants.

The target applicants set by LPDP for this type of affirmation scholarship are as follows:

The original Papuan surname (indigenous Papuan people).

People who come from the Melanesian race which consists of indigenous tribes in the province of Papua.

  • The mother of a native Papuan.
  • The biological father of a native Papuan.
  • The younger generation (boys and girls) of Papua.

So for prospective applicants who meet the criteria of the target registrants set by the LPDP, they can take part in a special affirmation scholarship for Papuans.

Registration is also very easy, just prepare a few files that are needed.

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