Loving Environment, West Papuan Students Take an Action to Plant Trees

goodmorningpapua.com – Showing love for the environment, the West Papuan Student Association (Himapabar) held a tree planting activity with the theme ” Kitorang jaga lingkungan, lingkungan jaga kitorang” (We protect the environment,the environment protects us).

The tree planting activity was carried out in the Ciliwung watershed (DAS) in Balekambang sub-district, Kramat Jati sub-district, Jakarta.

As stated by Himapabar administrator, Malkin Kosepa, the activities conducted by Himapabar are not merely ceremonial, but are a form of contribution by West Papuan students to the preservation of the surrounding environment.

“This is a series of Himapabar activities for a congress (Mubes) and socialization with the community, especially in the context of activities concerned with the environment,” said Malkin on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

The action of planting trees and cleaning the Ciliwung River, the Polimedia student from Bentuni Bay, West Papua, said this was a manifestation of our concern for the importance of a clean, beautiful and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, said Malkin, it is the responsibility of every human living on earth, especially those of us who live in Jakarta.

In this activity, the native West Papuan student also participated in planting productive fruit trees such as jamaica guava, lemon and high-value wood plants like aloes as many as 250 seeds on the outskirts of the Ciliwung river.

Meanwhile, UIN Jakarta student from Kaimana Moytuer Boymassa said that humans as living beings must be able to adapt to the surrounding environment. It means, students from West Papua have the principle “where we stand, that’s where the sky is upheld”.

“We as native West Papuan students, especially those living in Greater Jakarta, want to remain committed to always protecting the environment,” said Moytuer.

Also present were representatives of native West Papuan students consisting of Bintuni Bay, Kaimana, Sorong, South Sorong, Sorong City, Manokwari, South Manokwari, Arfak Mountains, Maibrat, Tambrau, Fakfak, Raja Ampat, Wandama Bay.

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