Looking at the Kiti-Kiti Waterfall in West Papua, One with the Sea Looks Exotic

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua’s natural wealth never ceases to amaze. Apart from Raja Ampat which is already worldwide, there are other tourist destinations that are no less beautiful in West Papua, namely the Kiti-Kiti Waterfall. The uniqueness of this waterfall is the flow of water that flows directly into the ocean. The view of the waterfall directly flowing into the open sea will be seen when the sea is high tide. Meanwhile, when receding you will see the beach under the waterfall.

The stream flowing from Kiti-Kiti Waterfall has a clear blue color. It’s so clear you can even see the bottom of the sea which contains coral reefs and beautiful fish that swim freely.

The types of fish in this area range from small to large such as stingrays, snapper, tuna, mackerel, and other types of fish. Kiti-Kiti Waterfall is surrounded by tropical rain forest that has not been touched by humans, giving beauty to this one tourist spot, besides that it is also a stretch of beautifully framed mountains that unite together.

The activities that can be done when visiting Kiti-Kiti Waterfall are diving to see the amazing underwater scenery, and also take selfies with a waterfall or beach as a backdrop, which gets two scenic backgrounds at once. In addition to the activities above, for those who like fishing, this activity can also be done at Kiti-Kiti Waterfall. A different fishing sensation with a beautiful panorama around the tourist attraction.

Kiti-Kiti Waterfall is located in the Coastal Park conservation area, Maas Tourism Village, Nusalasi Bay, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. To be able to reach the Kiti-Kiti waterfall, you can use a speed boat from Fakfak port with a distance of 4 hours. Even though it takes quite a long time, the journey is not so boring because along the way you will be treated to the beautiful natural panorama of West Papua. The rental price of this speedboat is set at IDR 3.5 million, this expensive rental price is certainly worth the beautiful scenery during the trip and when you arrive at Kiti-Kiti Waterfall. This will certainly be an unforgettable experience you’ve ever had. One thing to note when planning a trip to Kiti-Kiti Waterfall, is not to visit when the east wind is blowing. Because, in these conditions the conditions of the waves are too high and dangerous. Long trips and quite remote tourist spots require you to bring your own supplies.

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