Long Struggle, Electricity in Burmeso and Kasonaweja Turns On 24 Hours

goodmorningpapua.com – The villages of Kasonaweja and Burmeso in Mamberamo Raya Regency, Papua Province finally enjoy 24-hour electricity. This was marked by the Handover of Operations (STO) of the Electrical System between PLN and the Regional Government of Mamberamo Raya Regency.

Previously, the electricity system in the 2 villages was operated and managed by the local government for 12 hours every day, from 6 pm to 6 am. With the increase in operating hours, 463 customers in Kasonaweja Village and 202 customers in Burmeso Village can be productive in carrying out their activities until the evening.

Marthen, a member of the Kasonaweja Village community, was touched by the presence of 24-hour electricity. He is grateful to be able to enjoy lighting like in other cities. With 24-hour electricity, he is sure that people will be more active in working, including children, will be more diligent in studying.

“More than 15 years, we have never experienced full light (24 hours). Even if it can be assisted by a generator 24 hours a day, it can’t be done every day because it also adjusts the fuel supply. Praise God, our prayers were answered. Thank you government and PLN for providing 24-hour electricity,” he said.

Marthen said that in 2014, the government had provided 24-hour electricity, but it was limited. However, now it is much brighter.

The people of Kasonaweja and Burmeso are also grateful for the hard work of PLN providing 24-hour electricity. This is a new hope to further develop the community’s economic growth.

“We hope that the presence of 24-hour electricity can support all community activities that could not be done yesterday, now they can be done, especially at night. PLN makes the area around us bright,” he said.

The 24-hour lighting in the villages of Kasonaweja and Burmeso is supplied by PLTD Kasonaweja which has a generating capacity of 564 kW. Kasonaweja Village has a peak load of 185 kW. Meanwhile for Burmeso Village, it is supplied from PLTD Burmeso which has a power capable of generating 800 kW with a peak load of 119 kW.

A number of electricity infrastructures were also built to increase reliability, such as a medium voltage network (JTM) of 4.79 kms, a low voltage network (JTR) of 15.09 kms and 7 distribution substations with a total capacity of 575 kVA located in Kasonaweja Village. Meanwhile, 15.88 kms of medium voltage network (JTM), 19.41 kms of low voltage network (JTR) and 10 distribution substations with a total capacity of 600 kVA were also built and are located in Burmeso Village.

The Regent of Mamberamo Raya Regency, John Tabo, explained that 24-hour electricity requires a long process of coordination. Exactly one year and one month, finally the synergy between the Regional Government and PLN can be realized together to provide electricity facilities to the people of Mamberamo Raya Regency.

“The government assets that have been built and will be managed by PLN will become shared assets for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. It is not impossible that everything can be improved starting from the economy, education and health when electricity needs can be fulfilled,” he explained.

General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Budiono said that without support and assistance from the local government and the community, PLN cannot provide services in Mamberamo Raya Regency. He feels happy and grateful because PLN as an arm of the government can provide proper electricity.

  “With great enthusiasm and hand in hand, of course, everything can be improved. Not quite up here. We will continue to make various innovations and service improvements, so that the community can also get excellent service,” he explained.

Budiono added that there were 607 potential customers in Kasonaweja Village and 393 potential customers in Burmeso Village who could not be served. “This is a mandate PLN must carry out as a form of contribution in assisting the government for the welfare of society,” he concluded.

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