LMA Merauke and Malind Figures Support Papua PON

goodmorningpapua.com – The Indigenous Community Institution (LMA) of Merauke Regency together with a number of Malind traditional leaders visited the local KONI office, fully wearing traditional attributes, as well as providing full support for the PON XX in Papua.

Their coming, Friday (9/7/2021), was received by the Daily Chair of KONI Merauke Regency, Eleanor Dumatubun, Deputy Daily Chair, Antonius Kaize, and Thobias Walong (Secretary). For about two hours, there was a dialogue as well as a discussion on several important things ahead of the PON XX.

Deputy Chairperson of LMA Merauke Regency, Yohan Mahuze, expressed his gratitude to the Merauke Regent and General Chairperson of the PON Subda who responded quickly to today’s meeting.

It is said, with the presence of LMA along with a number of traditional leaders at the Merauke KONI Office, it means that the Subda PON respects the Marind people who own this country.

He explained, there were several things that were conveyed at the meeting, namely the community’s request that a declaration be made by involving all Marind people and children who had participated in the Sea Games and PON and flying the red and white flag abroad for direct declaration.

“Then we will also stick PON billboards in various strategic places so that the wider community knows that the Marind people support Papuan PON,” he said.

Next, explained Yohan, according to the Marind tradition, before any activity or party is held, it must be preceded by a ritual.

“We all know that there are three venues prepared to be used in the PON, namely the Hiad Sai GOR, the Katalpal Stadium, and the racing arena. The three places mentioned, must have traditional rituals with sacrificial animals first in the form of pigs along with other traditional foods. The goal is that athletes coming from outside are healthy and the implementation of PON runs smoothly,” he said.

The Daily Chairperson of the Subda PON Merauke Regency, Eleanor Dumatubun, personally and also the administrators expressed their gratitude to the LMA and several traditional leaders who had come and discussed directly.

PON of Papua, explained Eleanor, is a party with the whole community, so it must be supported and made a success. There are six sports that will be held in Merauke.

It was explained that the budget support provided by PB PON Papua was not released yet. However, with what has been disbursed, it will be used for various preparations towards the implementation of the PON, in the next October.

He added that the result of this meeting will be reported to the Regent of Merauke, Romanus Mbaraka, who is also the General Chairperson of the Merauke PON Subda.

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