Literacy Movement; Training Papuan Children to Learn Computers and Healthy Internet – The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Education and Social Welfare Training Agency (BBPPKKS) of Papua Province provides training on healthy internet computers for Papuan children. The training which was held free of charge was opened by the Expert Staff of the Minister of Social Affairs for Social Rehabilitation, Dr. Drs. Tomi Mano, MM at the BBPPKS Jayapura Computer Laboratory, on Tuesday (7/6).

  On this occasion, Benhur Tomi Mano who is familiarly called BTM said the computer training program was a follow-up to the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs in order to empower the Papuan people in using computers. Computer training at BBPPKKS is conducted free of charge. The BBPPKKS prepares training staff for people who want to do computer training.

   “I, as an expert at the Ministry of Social Affairs, implemented this training in accordance with the directions of the Minister of Social Affairs. So hopefully this training can increase the capacity of Papuan children, especially in the field of Information Technology,” said the former Mayor of Jayapura.

  In doing the training, BBPPKS in Jayapura will collaborate with schools from the elementary, junior high, to high school levels. The activity was carried out after school and students received training in 12 meetings. Furthermore, the training will also invite children who have survived the flood disaster in Sentani who will later live in houses from the Ministry of Social Assistance.

Each level will get a different portion of the material. Materials or subjects that will be provided for elementary school level, namely Introduction to Computers and Use of Application Programs, Information Search Engines, Social Media for learning, Beware of Negative Content, Child User Safety, and Internalization of Pancasila and Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

   While the subjects for junior high and high school levels are Introduction to Basic Computers, Utilization of Microsoft Office, Healthy Use of the Internet, and Utilization of Social Media. At the end of the meeting, all levels will conduct an exam to see the level of understanding and knowledge of the participants.

   At the inauguration ceremony, also invited the Principal and Students of SD Negeri Inpres Youtefa Abepura who will be participants in the first class. “We are happy that children are involved in this computer training activity. Because so far there has never been this activity. Maybe so far they only hold cellphones, they rarely hold computers,” said Mariana T. Wambrauw, S. Pd, Principal of SD Negeri Inpres Yotefa Abepura.

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