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Line Dance is Liked by Teens and Aged Persons in Yapen Islands

goodmorningpapua.com – Gymnastics is one of the most enjoyable sports. Besides being healthy, gymnastics can be easily joined by various groups, from teenagers to the aged.

Like the sport of step dance or Line Dance, this sport is on the rise in the Yapen Islands Regency, Papua. Not only teenagers, senior citizens also like to participate in this sport.

For the Gymnastics Instructor in Serui, Armis, the Line Dance movement is a mixture of chacha exercises. This gymnastic movement is very focused on the feet, so it is called the dance step sport.

“This technique is the most important of foot movements, it can be slow (slow) or fast, almost 70 percent focus on the legs,” said Armis, Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Currently, Armis admits that his gymnastics studio has increased to 50 people. Most really enjoy this type of sport Line Dance.

“From the age of teenagers to the aged, the age of 70 can also be active if you can move, you can. Because, the Line Dance has a lot of music and movements that we use,” he said.

The Line Dance will be very beneficial for the body if it is done three times a week. But for women who want the ideal body can do this exercise for one hour every day.

“The movement can be started by warming up for 15 minutes, followed by core movements for 30 minutes, then closing for 15 minutes. So, even though it is known as a special sport for mothers, many young people also join the Line Dance,” said Armis.

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