Let’s Taste 16 Typical Foods of Southwest Papua, the Youngest Province in Indonesia

goodmorningpapua.com – Get to know 16 typical foods of Southwest Papua, the youngest province that has just been legalized. Southwest Papua is Indonesia’s 38th province with its capital city Sorong.

Southwest Papua Province, including Sorong City, Sorong Regency, South Sorong Regency, Raja Ampat Regency, Tambrauw Regency and Mamberamo Regency, has extraordinary beauty and a variety of uniqueness.

When visiting the Southwest Papua region, there are a number of typical foods. Here’s the review

1. Manokwari Spicy Grilled Fish

Manokwari spicy grilled fish is one of the specialties of Southwest Papua which is now often the menu of choice. This grilled fish using cakalang fish has a savory taste, with extra spicy grilled spices.

2. Colo-Colo Sambal

Sambal colo-colo is not only found in Maluku and Makassar, but is also a complement to the favorite food of the people of Southwest Papua. This sambal is made from diced tomatoes, shallots and chilies. It has a fresh, spicy and sweet taste.

3. Selingkuh Shrimp

Selingkuh shrimp is one of the most popular dishes for foreign tourists visiting Southwest Papua. This one menu is made from shrimp which is cooked by sautéing or grilling.

In its presentation, shrimp is served with stir-fried vegetables such as kale or papaya flowers. It tastes delicious with a dense and fibrous texture, similar to lobster.

4. Sauté Papaya Flowers

Stir-fried papaya flowers is one of the special foods from Southwest Papua which has a salty and slightly bitter taste. Local people generally eat stir-fried papaya flowers as a complementary dish when enjoying fish or papeda.

5. Aunuve Habre

This one dish has almost a resemblance to a steak dish from a European country. The difference is, Aunuve Habre uses raw skipjack tuna wrapped in taro leaves.

6. Rica-Rica Sea Worms

This special food is believed by local people to be very effective in increasing male virility. Reportedly, sea worms contain protein which is good for the body, therefore they are usually processed by frying and seasoned with spicy rica-rica seasoning.

7. Fish Wrapped in Taro Leaves

The typical food of fish wrapped in taro leaves includes dishes that use sea fish as the main ingredient. Where, this sea fish is seasoned with yellow spices and steamed.

8. Kapurung

Kapurung is a soupy dish that looks like fish soup. The difference is that this dish uses spicy fish or mackerel as its main preparations.

9. Super Spicy Egg Balado

As an area known for its spicy taste,  there are definitely many spicy food menus. One of them is the spicy balado egg. The combination of onions, candlenuts and chilies makes the Southwest Papua style balado egg one of the favorite foods of tourists.

10. Shredded Bread Rolls

 The shredded bread rolls is one type of bread that is often found in cake shops. Who would have thought, this bread turned out to be one of the special foods from West Papua.

Not too different from rolls in general, the recipe and method of preparation are almost the same as bread in general. It’s just that, these rolls are less durable because they don’t use preservatives.

11. Eurimoo Cake

This one wet cake is a typical food made with flour and brown sugar. The appearance of the dish resembling klepon from Java Island makes this cake also often referred to as “Papuan klepon”.

12. Papeda Porridge

This typical food is very easy to find in every region in West Papua. Local people make Papeda porridge as a substitute for rice. So it’s surprising if you visit West Papua to find a little rice menu.

13. Petatas

Petatas or sweet potatoes are one of the daily sources of carbohydrates. This food is usually steamed and served with grilled fish or fish with yellow sauce.

14. Sago Martabak

It turns out that sago can be processed into anything, one of which is martabak. Initially, sago plates that have been mashed are filled with brown sugar and fried. The combination of soft sago and the sensation of melted brown sugar gives a special sensation in the mouth.

15. Es Matoa

Matoa is one of the many fruits that thrives on the mainland of West Papua. One of the delicious processed matoa is matoa fruit ice. This serving of fruit ice is of course very suitable to drink on a hot day.

16. Taro Chips

Taro is a type of tuber that also thrives in the land of West Papua. Not only boiled, local people process taro as a snack of chips with a savory, salty and crunchy taste.

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