Leisure Stroll with Prizes Enliven Isra’ Mi’raj Commemoration in Yapen

goodmorningpapua.com – The commemoration of the Isra’ Mi’raj of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1443 H/2022 in the Yapen Islands Regency was enlivened by a leisure stroll with prizes on Monday, February 28, 2022.

The activity which was held by the Committee for Islamic Holidays (PHBI) was released by the Deputy Regent of the Yapen Islands, Frans Sanadi, followed by the forkopimda at the Great Mosque of Darussalam Serui.

A Deputy Regent Frans Sanadi appreciated the implementation of a relaxing walk organized by the Yapen Islands PHBI. He hopes this activity strengthens the relationship among Muslims, and can increase the body’s immune system.

“On behalf of the Regional Government, I would like to express my appreciation for this activity. Hopefully this activity will strengthen the relationship between Muslims and other community components in the Yapen Archipelago,” said Frans in his remarks, releasing the participants for a leisurely walk.

Just to note, this leisure stroll was also followed by Dandim 1709/Yawa Lt. Col. Inf. Chess Prasetiyo Nugroho, Assistant III of the Secretariat III Yapen Ir. H Wahyudi Irianto, General Chairperson of PHBI H. Adhan Arman, Chairperson of Panjawi H. Heri Setyawan.

Not only that, the Chair of the FKUB, the Reverend Marthen Waromi, the Head of the Ministry of Religion Adolina Wopi, Ustad Khairussalam and the Chairperson of Persit Candra Kirana and the Chairperson of the Bhayangkari of the Yapen Islands also participated.

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