Learning from the Case of Lukas Enembe, Youth Leader Suggests Candidates for Papuan Officials to be Strictly Selected

goodmorningpapua.com – The recruitment of leaders who will occupy state positions in the Papua region in the future is suggested to go through a screening process.

“We have to screen potential leaders in Papua, namely ideological screening, budget usage screening, and morality screening,” said Chairman of the Papua Province Mandala Trikora Youth, Ali Kabiay, in Jayapura, Sunday (2/10/2022).

Through the three screening stages, Ali continued, we can find out whether they really love the Republic of Indonesia or not.

Next, how they can use the budget well, and how their morality.

“This morality is related to divinity, so they can become trustworthy leaders, and can be an extension of the central government in the regions. Leaders in Papua must not fight against the central government,” he said.

Therefore, Ali hopes, Governor Lukas Enembe, can become a model for Papuan youth if he can prove to the KPK that he is not corrupt, is not against the central government, and still shows his love for the Republic of Indonesia.

“Governor Lukas Enembe as a leader must have a big heart because he is an example for the people he leads. Lukas must be present to fulfill the KPK’s summons for an investigation, to prove his innocence,” said Ali.

It is still a matter of screening candidates for Papuan leaders, according to Ali, after the Special Autonomy Law was revised and officially entered into force, Papua received an additional Special Autonomy Fund budget from the Central Government of 280 to 300 trillion per year.

With this large fund, added with Papua’s abundant natural wealth, the progress of Tanah Papua will be difficult to match other regions if it is managed by leaders who are ideologically qualified, qualified in terms of financial governance and have good morals.

Ali did not forget to invite Papuans who are still living around the residence of Lukas Enembe not to do things that can disturb the security of residents and regional security.

It is because, said Ali, security is the most important factor in developing an area. If security is good, investors from outside the region can come to Papua to invest.

“For the supporters of Pak Lukas, let’s work together to maintain the conduciveness of the area, and especially respect the Tabi indigenous people as the owner of the customary rights to the Tabi Land, because the Jayapura area and its surroundings belong to the Tabi indigenous people, and the Tabi indigenous people are open to anyone. We accept anyone, but we must be able to respect the community structure that exists in the Tabi customary area,” he said.

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