Kuala Kencana Timika Papua, Modern European-Style City in the Middle of the Wilderness

goodmorningpapua.com – Exploring Kuala Kencana Timika Papua, a modern European-style city attracting tourists to come.

Kuala Kencana itself is located in Mimika Regency, Timika, Papua. This area was inaugurated by President Soeharto on December 5, 1995, which is located in the PT Freeport Indonesia area.

The settlements in Kuala Kencana are divided into several complexes, namely Bumi Satwa Indah Complex, Tirta Indah Complex, Apartment Complex, Bachelor’s Quarter Complex, and Jalan Bougenville Complex.

Kuala Kencana Timika Papua, this modern European-style city, has an interesting side, one of which is that it does not use electric poles as a medium for distributing electricity to homes.

This is because Kuala Kencana uses the concept of underground utilities or underground cables to supply electricity.

Not only electricity, communication systems and clean water have also used an underground system. Because of this, there is no view of electricity poles in the Kuala Kencana area which makes it look more organized.

Uniquely, this city is one of the cities that cannot be entered by Armed Criminal Groups who terrorize civilians with various violations of the law.

This is because Kuala Kencana City is equipped with a strict security system to ensure the safety of all people in the city.

Then, Kuala Kencana was built in a modern Japanese style, the houses were built without fences equipped with a large yard, with a modern minimalist style building style.

In addition, Kuala Kencana also applies an environmentally friendly concept. The environment in Kuala Kencana is very clean and surrounded by grass and trees.

The Kuala Kencana area also has complete public facilities, such as local schools, international schools, churches, mosques, and sports facilities such as golf courses, swimming pools, basketball courts, and so on.

Meanwhile, Kuala Kencana Timika Papua is the first city in Indonesia to implement an underground utility system (electricity, water, and communication). Besides, this city is also claimed to be a city that has a sewage treatment system.

Dirty water will be channeled to the waste treatment center so that it does not pollute the surrounding environment. The tap water that is distributed to people’s homes has a high standard and is safe for direct consumption.

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