Kuala Kencana, a Modern City in the Middle of Papua’s Mimika Forest

goodmorningpapua.com – Kuala Kencana is one of the districts in Timika City, Mimika Regency, Papua. The city covering an area of ​​511 square kilometres has a population of around 2,010 inhabitants. This independent city consists of one dorp [Kelurahan] and six villages, namely Kuala Kencana Village, Iwaka Village, Naena Muktipura Village, Karang Glad Village, Mulia Kencana Village, Utikina Baru Village, and Bhintuka Village.

The location of Kuala Kencana is about 15 minutes from Timika and is one of the administrative centers and settlements for PT Freeport Indonesia workers. Previously, the city was called Kota Baru, but in 1995 it was changed into Kuala Kencana or Gold Pot by President Soeharto.

Even though it is located in the middle of the forest and surrounded by fertile trees, Kuala Kencana City has the complete and modern facilities. There are soccer fields, indoor badminton courts, indoor futsal fields, Olympic-standard swimming pools, golf courses, and even shopping centres.

There is also the square (The Plaza), churches, mosques, salons, libraries and banking services. There are also several western and oriental restaurants whose taste and quality are maintained and based on the standards of the largest catering and food distribution industry companies in Indonesia.

This city in Papua is claimed to be the first city in Indonesia implementing an underground utility system (electricity, water, and communication). In addition, this city is also claimed to be a city that has a sewage treatment system.

Dirty water will be flowed to the waste treatment centre so that it does not pollute the surrounding environment. The tap water distributed to people’s homes has a high standard and is safe for direct consumption.

Kuala Kencana has a square which is quite unique, since it is designed in the style of a Javanese building. The square is rectangular with a mosque called Baitur Rahim Mosque on the west side. While on the east side there is the Bethlehem Church which is shaped like a Honai house.

The city of Kuala Kencana is an eco- friendly city. When visiting this modern small town, visitors will see shady trees that adorn every corner of the city.

The city of Kuala Kencana also has a very neat road and street network. The management has planned it to be occupied for the next 30 years. It is done as such way that when adding buildings such as employee houses, it does not damage the original forest which has an area of ​​17,000 hectares.

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