KPK Summons Two Lawyers for the Governor of Papua Again

The Corruption Eradication Commission [KPK] summoned two lawyers for the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, as witnesses in the investigation into cases of alleged bribery and gratuities related to work or projects originating from the Papua Province APBD.

The two lawyers are Aloysius Renwarin and Stefanus Roy Rening.

“Today, the examination of witnesses for the suspect LE (Lukas Enembe). The examination was carried out at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta,” said KPK Head of Reporting Section Ali Fikri in Jakarta, Thursday.

In addition, the KPK also summoned several other witnesses for the suspect Lukas Enembe, namely PT Papua Maju Perkasa Director Mustafa, two PT Tabi Bangun Papua employees Fredrick Bane and Komang, former PT Tabi Bangun Papua engineering manager Andres Horman, former PT Tabi Bangun Papua employee Yani Ardiningrum and two private parties Dommy Yamamoto and Yonater Karomba.

The KPK has sent a second summons as witnesses against Aloysius and Roy Rening to appear at the Merah Putih Building, Jakarta, Thursday.

Previously, the KPK had summoned the two of them on Thursday (17/11), but they did not respond to the summons.

The KPK also reminded that the two witnesses were cooperative in attending to fulfill the summons as a legal obligation.

Previously, the Legal and Advocacy Team for the Governor of Papua (THAGP) sent a letter of clarification to the KPK regarding the summons of Aloysius and Roy Rening. The letter was received by the KPK on Thursday (17/11).

Before sending the letter of clarification, the two of them had also complained about the existence of the KPK summons to the DPN Peradi advocate organization.

In its development, Aloysius said he was ready to be examined by KPK investigators. However, he requested that the examination be carried out in Jayapura.

He also admitted that he had sent an official letter to the KPK addressed to the Director of Investigation of the KPK Asep Guntur Rahayu.

However, the KPK denied that it had agreed to Aloysius’ request and the place for questioning was still being conducted in Jakarta.

“The information we received, it is true that the person concerned confirmed that he would be examined in Jayapura. However, it is not true that there has been approval for this witness to be examined in Jayapura,” said Ali in his statement on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

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