KNPI Inauguration and Youth Awakening in Papua – The board of the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) Waibu District, Jayapura for the 2022-2025 service period was officially inaugurated, Saturday 10 November 2022.

The inauguration was marked by the handover of the KNPI flag from Jayapura Regency KNPI Chairman, Christoper Suebu to the elected Waibu District KNPI Chair, Thina Kaway.

A Jayapura KNPI Chairman, Christoper Suebu, hopes that the new Waibu District KNPI administrators can open up and embrace potential young people in the Waibu area.

“This KNPI belongs to all young people and not to a few people. So let’s close ranks, walk together to build the KNPI in the Waibu District Government area,” said Christopher Paulus Suebu.

For him, the KNPI administrators of Waibu District should be a good sample for other District KNPI administrators, because up to now there are 9 districts that have not held inauguration yet.

For this reason, he hopes that other District KNPI officials can immediately consolidate and discuss with the local District Government, so that they can hold an inauguration in the near future.

The Head of the Waibu District, Jenni Susan Deda hopes that the newly appointed Waibu District KNPI board members will always be united and continue to innovate and participate in development in the Waibu district area.

Equally important, he continued, the KNPI remains united and is not affected by the current political situation and is not easily exploited by other parties for purely political interests.

“Maybe it’s because their young people have to innovate more and make new breakthroughs so that the Waibu district is even more advanced,” said Susan Deda.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Waibu District KNPI Thina Kaway stated that he would soon consolidate to carry out several activities, one of which was the Waibu District KNPI Christmas celebration to unite young men and women.

The first Waibu District KNPI Christmas will be held in Kampung Bambar. I also invite all the youth of the 7 villages in the Waibu District to join forces and join hands so that they become active, creative and productive youths,” said Thina Kaway.

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