KKG and Dynamics of Catholic Religious Education Teachers in Tambrauw

goodmorningpapua.com – A number of Catholic Religious Education Teachers (PAK) at the Elementary School (SD) level in Tambrauw Regency, participated in the Teacher Working Group (KKG) activity, Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

The KKG PAK activity raised the theme of socializing and improving the lesson plan for Catholic Religion at the Tambrauw Regency Elementary School (SD) level for the 2022-2023 academic year,

The activity, which was held in the Saupapor District, presented participants who were civil servant catholic religious education teachers, civil servants, honorary workers and several extension workers in Tambrauw Regency.

The KKG activity was officially opened by the Head of the Ministry of Religion for the Tambrauw Regency through the Tambrauw Catholic Community Guidance, Aloysius Dapho.

In his speech, Aloysius Dapho, S.Ag explained about our functional duties

The Ministry of Catholic Religion that adheres to the role of the church in carrying out its duties and functions.

“The Ministry of Religion is here to provide input and support so that the church runs well. Thus, we can convey this to the center,” he said.

He also said that the KKG activity was aimed at increasing the professionalism of Catholic religious education teachers in preparing innovative learning.

“In addition, this activity is also to strengthen the KKG institution. So that Catholic religious education teachers who work in Tambrauw Regency can know each other and work together in improving their duties and responsibilities,” he said.

It is hoped that after participating in the KKG activities, Catholic religious education teachers can bring the light of Christ in the community, especially in Tambrauw Regency.

In addition, in his speech as the head of the Catholic KKG in Tambruw Regency, Bonefasius Remetwa, S.Ag said the importance of the KKG for Catholic religious education teachers is very necessary.

“This activity is to improve the ability of Catholic religious education teachers in educating, as well as to increase togetherness among PAK teachers in their duties and responsibilities,” he said.

He also explained that in this activity it was necessary to improve the competence of teachers.

“So the teachers are invited to dare to convey the experience of teaching materials that have been carried out as part of the discussion,” he said.

In addition, as chairman, he explained and discussed the lesson plans for each material in Catholic religion lessons to Catholic religious education teachers.

The socialization and improvement activities which were directly accommodated by the Chair of the KKG lasted for 2 days.

According to media monitoring, all activity participants participated in the socialization and improvement of the PAK RPP with great enthusiasm.

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