KKB of Papua and Groups of Terrorists at Indonesia

KKB of Papua and Groups of Terrorists at Indonesia

goodmorningpapua.com – If it is looked further, there are a number of terrorist organizations or groups at Indonesia. Not a few acts of terrorism have been carried out by these organizations:

1. Jamaah Islamiyah (JI)

This terrorist organization has been assigned as a forbidden organization based on the decision of the Court of South Jakarta District number 2189 / Pid.B / 2007 / PN.Jkt.Sel, April 21, 2008.

However, this terrorist organization remains to be active, as evidenced by the arrest of a number of suspected terrorists affiliated with JI by  Densus 88 of Anti-terror team.

2. Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD)

Just as JI, this organization has also been declared a banned organization by the Court of South Jakarta District in 2018. The panel of judges also stated that JAD is a group that has undertaken criminal acts of terrorism.

The establishment of JAD was initiated by Aman Abdurrahman at the Nusakambangan prison in 2014. JAD itself is suspected of being involved in a number of terrorist attacks that occurred in Indonesian territory. Among them, the Thamrin-Sarinah bomb in 2016, the pan bomb in Bandung in 2017, the Surabaya church bomb in 2018, and most recently the bomb in the Makassar cathedral church in March 2021.

3. East Indonesian Mujahidin (MIT)

This organization is said to have a connection to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Jamaah Islamiyah (JI), and Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT). Abu Wardah alias Santoso is the leader of a terrorist group operating in the Poso region, Central Sulawesi.

However, Santoso died after being shot by the Tinombala Operations Task Force on July 18 2016. Since then, the leadership of MIT has shifted to Ali Ahmad alias Ali Kalora.

4. Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT)

This organization was founded by the former leader of Jamaah Islamiyah, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir in 2008. The United States government has accused this group of being included in the list of foreign terrorist organizations.

However, on August 9, 2010, Ba’asyir was arrested by the Anti-terror team of Police Densus 88.  He was arrested on accusation of financing paramilitary training at Aceh and supporting terrorism in Indonesia.

5. The Papua Armed Criminal Group (KKB)

The KKB Papua has now been assigned as a terrorist organization by the government, conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for Law, Politics and Security (Menkopolhukam) Mahfud MD.

The terrorist label was originally given by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) after the Chief of BIN for Papua Region Brigadier General I Gusti Putu Danny was killed in a shootout with KKB at Puncak Regency, Papua.

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