KINGMI Papua Church Leader Urges Luke Enembe to be Honest to the KPK – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has sent a second summons to Lukas Enembe (LE) to appear to the KPK on September 26, 2022, but again LE is absent due to health reasons.

In response to this, Pdt. Dr. Yones Wenda asked Lukas to be honest with the KPK, so that the corruption case he was accused of could immediately become clear.

“There is sufficient evidence in the Luke Enembe corruption case, therefore he must convey it honestly to the KPK,” said Rev. Yones.

The Secretary of the Synod of the KINGMI Church in Papua revealed that all problems that occur in Papua, the state must know. Similar to the Luke Enembe corruption case, the KPK must have known the problem.

“We, the church leaders, want Mr. Luke Enembe to be honest. If he is not honest with the KPK, in the end, people who do not have problems in Papua, they can get involved because of the Lukas Enembe problem,” pleaded Pdt. Yones.

Rev. Yones also asked Luke Enembe’s legal advisor to convey to Lukas and to the KPK what actions Lukas had done.

“If Pak Lukas is not honest, it means that he remains to be in charge. Then, how will  happen to Papua in the future. This is what we religious leaders are worried about, because now many Papuans are protecting Pak Lukas Enembe. This could lead to conflict, “said Pdt. Yones.

Rev. Yones said that the land of Papua has actually received substantial financial support from the Government, but in fact there are still damaged main roads in Papua.

Therefore, such large funds must be traced to all regional officials, so that their management can advance and prosper Papua.

“We’ve only heard that the value is in the trillions, but where we go we don’t know. The KPK needs to track all these funds, so that Papua can progress in the future.

Rev. Yones admits that Lukas Enembe is an exemplary figure for the Papuans. Therefore, if he is a leader he must set an example for the community.

“We, Papuan religious leaders, ask attorney, please tell Pak Lukas as the leader of Papua, please he can guide the Papuan people so that Papua will no longer be in conflict, so that Papua can be safe and peaceful. All of that is in the hands of the governor, Lukas Enembe,” pleaded Pdt. Yones.

To the people of Papua, added Rev. Yones, both those on the coast and those in the mountains to understand well the Luke Enembe problem. “Don’t get provoked, being influenced by people who are not right, or people who hinder the KPK,” said Pdt. Yones.

To the younger generation, especially to students, don’t forget Pdt. Yones advised that they do not need to be involved in this problem, stay focused on their education, so that in the future they can lead Papua, which is currently developing with three new provinces.

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