Kindergarten Education is Very Important in Papua at the Kindergarten (TK) level is important, before moving on to elementary school education (SD). Education in kindergarten is carried out through the providing of educational stimuli to help physical and spiritual growth and development, so that children have readiness to enter further education held on formal, non-formal, and informal channels.

This was stated by the former Head of the Papuan Education Office, Andres Yobee, at the graduation of TK St.

Theresia Kecil Moanemani to amount of 70 persons, on Saturday (12/6/2021). In his view, education at the kindergarten level should start from childhood, namely prenatal and pre-school babies.

“Education in kindergarten is important, it makes it easier for children to adjust to the next level of education,” said Yobee to, Sunday (13/6/2021), via his cell phone.He also appealed to parents to provide good food for their children, since the child is in the womb.

“His must be good in their behavior while the child is in the womb. Because of parents are the first and foremost education in schools,” he said.

In addition, the important role of parents is also decisive in accompanying children, especially at home so that children become believers. “Families will give birth to children who will later become priests, nurses, pilots, doctors, and so on. So everything starts from fostering in the main family,” he said.

Principal of Kindergarten St. Theresia Kecil, Tresia Leisubun said that teaching children at the kindergarten level is not easy. You see, you have to teach children with different character backgrounds.

“We teach them from the least know. Teach them to recognize letters, write letters and numbers as well as write numbers with spellings,” he said.

According to him, there are even students who still don’t know how to hold a pencil, but they are actively training so that they can hold a pencil and can write.

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